Should I return to dispensing Siemens?

Over the years I seem to have drifted away (for no specific reason) from fitting Siemens products.

Perhaps I should re-investigate their latest models with a view to broadening my offerings.

Do any dispensers or users have any opinions on their current product line?

Not much on the TV tonight? Italian Job with septics on Flim4 :wink:

Edit: Siemens, me neither. Tried a couple, not very impressed.

The only think I like about them is that they have implement NALNL2.
other than that they fail to impress me…

I don’t fit Siemens due to the company I work for. I have a personal friend who is a Siemens/Rexton rep. He is quite impressed with their new feedback management system (which he states is better than the Starkey Destiny feedback manager). He also says that he is finding more available gain above 4000Hz than what he was familiar with when he was fitting other companies products 2-3 years ago. We had a lengthy discussion in regards to the benefits of sound-recover and he feels that there are similar benefits available with the extended bandwidth. Of course he is a rep so we have to take it all with a grain of salt.

I stoppped fitting Siemens when I couldn’t fit necessary gain without loads of feedback. So fittng ended with the first line of Pure products. However, I have a few of the new Pure 701s and 501s and the feedback manager has improved. But what Kadougan says is true - it is comparable to the Starkey Destiny feedback manager. But considering how old the Destiny line is, that isn’t saying much.

I used to reserve Siemens for my patients who loved gadgets like the Tek, but with everyone (inlcuding Starkey and Resound) now doing wireless products, I just don’t see a sector where they are superior products to other aids.

Plus their prices are gouging :eek:

dr. amy

starkey is not doing wireless right? they say they will right??

They are - wireless aids will be fit in January.

dr. amy

Then… they are NOT DOING wireless… They will in January or perhaps
in April 2011. They need to do this if they want to survive…
Already companies like Unitron are offering Wireless in almost all
price points… Soon Oticon and Phonak would offer similar products…

In fairness that does mean that they have a product in the pipeline which is probably on preliminary test/beta release at the moment before it goes properly live. Which means they are going to do wireless.

I think you’re jumping the gun on the other companies offering wireless across the board, Unitron have pushed everybody along with the Latitude models offering wireless at a more reasonable level. The Utv’s are great to. A proper dock for the Udirect makes a great difference to it’s usability.

Widex only offer this on the high end and Oticon on the mid-high stuff.

I think it is great to have wireless in all price point. With Unitron Latitude, I would expect Oticon and Phonak to follow soon. Others will HAVE to follow. I love to offer Wireless @ the very basic level. Isn’t that great???

Some of the audis close with Starkey said that Iris was going to be release @ Euha.
Which was not… I think you are right, probably it is not ready - which means they
dont have such technology yet… But they will soon… But at this point, who isnt???
Lets see if they can raise the bar… which is what we need… GN Alera is the one to beat…

It doesnt mean they don’t have it, because their beta audis do have it. Just hasn’t been fully released. The official release is late january. That is when they will have any audis who want to be trained on it, trained on it and it will be available to fit on the public.

But it is nice, to be able to fit wireless on basic models, like the Aleras. And I agree, Alera is the one for them beat at this point. But Alera is still realtively new also, so we’ll see is glitches crop up, like they sometimes do 6 or 7 months post fitting.

dr. amy

Phonak does offer wireless at all price points except the Milo Plus. They have basic, mid, and high end with wireless capabilities.

Gouging? I think I got a good deal on the internet, pair of Pure 701 for $3K.

Wrong info… Phonak DOES NOT offer wireless on their basic instruments… Milo is the basic instrument… See the link

Sorry about that. I guess that I consider a Milo below basic and a Certena basic. How much cheaper do we need? Accessories cost more than a hearing aid.

I have Siemens, (Impact) and I like mine a lot, they are bluetooth and as they’re NHS I guess they must be the cheapest Siemens make - not sure if they have an equivalent in the private sector, actually a bit off topic I know but does anyone have any idea what they are similar too - there isn’t much info available about them on the tinterweb (believe me I’ve looked hard!) ?

Any info would be much appreciated


Marc Parry.

Seimens Impact, if they thin tube Motion 500’s or if they are Reicever in the canal they are Pure 500’s… If they are not exactly this product they are very very close… The reason they do not publish this is since I think (though do not know) they don’t want to ruin there private dispensing business. NHS pay between (£50-£60) for a hearing aid and an independent private dispenser might have to pay £500+ for the same unit. Big dispensing companies however might pay signifcantly less than an independent, maybe around £150 a hearing aid.

Now the NHS have caught up with the private side… near enough top end products with many hospitals only having three weeks waiting list and good aftercare, I’m sure they would be many mightly annoyed people who have recently bought private and spent thousands… if only this information was widley known…

I guess there would also be many annoyed dispensers in the private side around the world he would be angry at the difference in prices between what they pay for a hearing aid and what the NHS pay. You would expect the NHS to get the aids cheaper but upto 10 times cheaper…

Do you suppose once a mfg has a unit in production, the cost to run a few thousand more is very low?

I still think it is strange that the mfg’s can turn out a in-the-ear bluetooth to retail in Radio Shack for Less than $200 and the audi’s and dispensers seem to need thousands for a similiar piece of electronics. Of course selling in Radio Shack costs little and selling/fitting an aid is much more time consuming and requires much higher skills

What gripes me personally is that those that are technically skilled HOH are unable to purchase aids at the lower cost. Ed :smiley:

Aye Mzungu

Got much the same info from an NHS Audiologist on a visit a couple of weeks back! The Audi told me they can get near enough any HA’s now on the NHS? The Audi gave me a couple of Phonak Naida’s 1 x V UP & 1 x V SP :-)) Seem’s the times are a changing at NHS? Yeah, you have to buy all the extra’s yourself, but these aids “which I like” would cost me around £3k on the high street! I had a trial with the Alera 9’s from a private Audi, but they were not powerful enough, although I could hear very well with the phone clip! But, at just over £5k it seemed just a wee bit OTT just to hear on my mobile, they were hopeless in the office! I would have went for the Alera’s if they were the best option, but for me at least, the phonak’s sounded better and were much more powerful…And of course the price was just about right:D So the Alera’s got kicked into touch!

TBH, the Phonak Spice is due out here in late January, so I will trial them and if they are as good as the claims made on this forum, then I will buy them, I have no doubts about that! I know if I wait a while, then perhaps the NHS will stock them… it will gall me that I will be paying around £5k and the NHS will pay about £500 or less for the pair! Even if the Private Audi’s are paying £1k per pair, thats still around a 400% mark up!!!

Cheers, Kev:D