Should I get CIC or RITE (preferably Oticon)?

I’m looking for some advice. I’m a long time CIC user and am used to some degree of occlusion. My current bilateral Oticon OPN1 CIC’s (85 dB receiver) have very small vents. I live in a hot climate, am very active, sweat a lot, and am exposed to a dynamic range of conditions. My hearing loss is moderate bordering on severe (ski slope). I love the open natural sound of the Oticons. However I do want the best sound. I like the neat, easy to manage, put it in a forget about it nature of the CIC’s and the fact that I don’t have wires and tangles. When they go in, the sound comes into focus. My size 10 batteries last about a week on average. I’m not sure that I need the bluetooth connectivity as I hear well with my iPhone, but I suppose I avoid ever watching TV. I guess that with a RITE I would go for a custom moulded receiver shell with small vent.
Would RITE’s provide noticeably better sound?
Would I have more problems with sweat with a behind the ear hearing aid?
Does anyone know when Oticon will launch the More in CIC style?
What battery life do the 312 batteries offer on the More RITE’s?

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I think only you can make the choice as everyone hears differently.

Not sure about Oticon but I know Phonak CIC Aids have less features then the Phonak RIC Aids.


My impression is that most people who have CIC are loathe to change. RIC offer more advanced features, but come with disadvantages that you mention. A week battery life with size 10 batteries is pretty amazing. I’d be surprised if you got a full week with 312 with a new RIC or ITE. I’m pretty sure the latest Oticon More is only offered in RIC. As Zebras mentioned, only you can tell. If you’re really curious, I’d encourage to see your audiologist and trial an Oticon More. Something to keep in mind if you really dislike RIC is that you could gain significant features by moving to ITE and still retain many of the advantages of CIC except discreteness. However one would still need to deal with the issue that you’d have to wait for the latest model to come out.


Thanks for the advice. Yes, my options are to wait for the More to come out in CIC / ITE or to trial a MORE RIC with custom moulded ear pieces.

I’ll be trying a More soon and have the exact same dilemma… After 20 years of CICs or ITCs or ITEs they have just been so convenient… no fiddling, no delicate wires, etc.

I too wonder when Oticon will release a custom More, or whether I should bite the bullet and switch to RICs.

@Maple_Feta: I think it’s not possible to answer your questions until you post your audiogram.

(BTW, could you please tell is where you get the idea that RIC HAs have “delicate wires”, or require “fiddling”? A little exploration using the Search function will soon turn up plenty of information to the contrary, if you’re inclined to look.)

Hi; I went in to my new audiologist here to reprogram my 3 year old OPN1 CIC’s in the Algarve, Portugal. She did an audiogram with UCL uncomfortable levels as well; and I spotted a pair of Oticon Mores on her desk and just put them on. Really comfortable and light and snug. I was quite amazed. It felt like something I could live with. Then she programmed the Mores for me and the sound without any autofit fine tuning an appeared to be great. We then went back to my Oticon Opn CIC’s and reprogrammed them to my current audiogram, which is pretty similar to 3 years ago, but really getting close to 80dB loss; but still good for the 85dB receiver and she did a Genie 2 autofit audiogram with the CIC’s in the ear to fine tune them; this hadn’t been done before by my audiologist in Calgary, and the sound became much fuller & less tinny, which seems good.
They have a buy one get one free program for November on the Mores which would end up at about €3700 for a pair =$4100) with 3 years insurance. She feels the two microphones etc would give much better speech discrimination. I’ll get a brief trial next week and then need to decide.
My other option is to go with a German company ( who do DHL courier hearing aids set to one’s loss and from then on there is online remote programming via the ON app. If there’s a problem they courier out a replacement aids programmed to my settings and I drop the broken aids into the DHL box and send for repairs (they are about €4000 including 5 years insurance)

@antonB, if the Mores sounded good with just a 1st fit, imagine after a Autofit, and fine tuning!
The big benefits of the MiniRites are the advanced features available, 2 microphones, and rechargeable batteries, to name a few.

Once you adust to them you don’t even know they’re there.
Check some of @cvkemp’s posts on his journey from in ear to RIC’s.

If you like the CIC because it seems to hide it inside your ears better than RITE, it may not necessarily be so unless you get the IIC (Invisible in the canal) type that goes way inside. The last CIC I have is not IIC, so anybody who has a viewing angle on either side of my head can still see the outer shell of my CIC sticking out in plain sight. The miniRITE has about the same visibility as the CIC in my opinion. The receiver, unless you wear the 105 dB inside a custom mold, goes much deeper inside your canal so it’s not obviously sticking out like the outer shell of a CIC. The exposed thin wire is probably less conspicuous than the CIC outer shell. The view from behind your head will expose the HA shell behind your ear if you have short hair. But you can pick a color that matches your hair to make it not stand out to much.

If you like the CIC because it’s an easy put-it-in-and-forget-about-it, the miniRITE is just as easily forgettable unless you wear glasses and the side of the glasses’ frame rubs on the HA shell behind the ear.

In terms of sweating, the miniRITE has an IP rating of 68 so it should be able to withstand sweat from your hair dripping n the back of your ear. But if you sweat profusely, then there is a higher chance that the mics can be affected with continuous exposure to heavy sweat frequently.

I used to wear CIC but I switched to the miniRITE OPN 1 and I had no problem or regret switching in exchange for the fullest functionality I can get with no compromise in having less features like with a CIC form.


I’m going to raise a point here; the availability of small CIC devices for some circuits that mainly use a higher voltage battery recharging system might be an engineering problem.

The difficulty in Oticon moving the custom line forward is predicated on this (I believe). The engineering delay in getting non-rechargeable product out in a given form factor is based on the need to develop a voltage splitting technique (like Widex have) to allow similarly specified mics to operate on the ITE products as they use on the BTE/RIC Rechargeable.

Getting that sort of usable voltage out of a 10 battery might be too much of an ask.


Haven’t quite figured out how to add my audiogram to my profile, so here it is below…

I should probably clarify that I have NEVER worn RIC style hearing aids, and have little experience with BTEs since I was a kid (so at least 25 years ago) so although I’m sure they’re built more rugged, trying on some RICs for a few days felt like a completely new experience for me…

@Maple_Feta: Tou need to access the "hamburger " menu above your avatar, on the right side of the screen. You should see this when you click in Forum:

Or use the Search function to get more detailed instructions.

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Thanks @SpudGunner managed to find it after some searching (I’m on a laptop, not mobile phone so a bit different interface…)

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@Maple_Feta: Thanks for doing that - it makes it a lot easier to understand!

I´m doing a 7 day trial of the Oticon More 1 RIC versus my old Oticon OPN 1 CIC:
Physically, the CIC is nicer, because it´s a small contained thing that sits inside my ears, is easy to insert quickly, doesn´t have wind noise, and has the pinna hearing & microphone in ear advantage. The CIC is more comfortable to me than a dome. It´s also pretty secure in my ear. I bumped my head last night and the right MORE RIC went flying somewhere. It took about 5 minutes to find it. Otherwise the More´s are very light and comfortable to wear and easy to forget about. The Mores are almost as unnoticeable as my CIC´s, but they seem to be at risk in my active lifestyle of being knocked or shaken off easily.
Sound wise, obviously the More RIC has two microphones, so it has that advantage and the much more advanced Polaris platform with deep neural network. I have some ways to go with fine tuning to get the sound right.
After the initial fit and an in situ audiogram I felt my speech / word discrimination was much better than my CIC´s, but with of a fairly harsh sound. I had that adjusted to a more comfortable sound at a remote fitting yesterday, and immediately the speech comprehension declined dramatically, I didn´t cope well with friends and dinner last night, so I think I need to go back to the “harsh metallic” sound and see if my brain adjusts, which I think it would, fairly quickly.
I quickly discovered that I don´t really need the Bluetooth streaming directly to my ear, however it is useful for iPhone conversations, when in wind outdoors, but I don´t have wind problems with the CIC´s; and I guess that I could listen to podcasts, but music is hopelessly tinny through the streamer. Also there seems to be a lot of sound leakage outside, so other people are quite aware of what I´m streaming.
I spend 90% of my time in the general P1 program.
The MyMusic program was extremely feeble / underwhelming, but I made the suggested changes to the MyMusic program and that now sounds quite good (see the suggestions in the post by [flashb1024] and I´m sure it can be improved further (Profile - flashb1024 - Hearing Aid Forum - Active Hearing Loss Community) on 25 Nov in Tweaking the Oticon More).
I will return these on Tuesday. I think I´m going to wait another 6 months and see if Oticon has any plans to launch a CIC in the More line.
Otherwise, I will go with the Oticon Mores from the German online distributor mentioned in this post: Buying from local audiologist versus from online service using Oticon ON app, because I want the 5 years insurance / warranty and much cheaper out of warranty service charges and the couriered replacement aid when mine is being repaired or lost, and the 50% cheaper purchase cost.

There’s been a bit of back and forth on here in another thread about how to get your hcp to fine tune your mymusic program.