Should I get BTE or CIC hearing aid, and which brand?

I am looking for a new hearing aid, I had Starkey CIC Muse I200 I think that right model. I have an Esteem Ear implant on my left ear, trying to find a Hearing aid that match to my left ear. The Starkey did a good job but I had to program it myself to match all the frequency to may left order to balance it out for Bineral hearing, it work pretty. I need a hearing aid from my right ear and have capability to program it so I can match it to my left ear.

I wear ITE half shell Oticon OPN1 aids that I do really love.

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Can you program your own Oticon OPN1 hearing aid?

I guess if you had everything you need, I have no desire to even try.

Tech support from Starkey could not bring my original parts they tried everything, so they told me to go buy a new hearing aid I just bought these last May 2019 it broke down last December right before Christmas, never will buy another Starkey hearing aid.

From another post it looks like you already found the DIY section. All of the major brands: Oticon, Starkey, Resound, Phonak, Signia and Widex can be programmed by user assuming they obtain the fitting software and a programming device (I think universally a NoahLink Wireless for the newest aids) All of the major brands make decent hearing aids. If you want reliability, many people like BTEs because the sensitive parts aren’t in the ear. I’m unfamiliar with the Esteem but it doesn’t look like any hearing aid brand in particular works better with it.

what the link do the DIY section again.