Should I get a Cochlear Implant with this audiogram?

I hear “ok” out of my better ear with hearing aid, the sad part is the other ear was my good ear all my life and 2 months ago i went from better than the other ear to THIS!

I’m wondering , gien that i have some hearing left and wear CIC’s, being fitted for half shell with 2 microphones Starkey Livio , upgrading from Picasso…just kind of skeptikal im going to see much of a gain.

The audi adjusted my current aids to account for the new loss, but i still cant really understand speech at all , but i feel the auditory nerve being stimulated now as opposed to before.

Think the new aids will make much of a difference?

Or am i gonna have to go CI route?

By the audiogram you attached, your left ear sure looks like it’s a candidate for CI.
It would help a bunch with speech understanding. If that’s what you wanted.
If interested a CI evaluation is needed.

With a 4% word recognition score, I doubt any hearing aid is going to help your left ear. There’s certainly no harm in getting evaluated for a cochlear implant. I’m sure you’d learn a lot.


@sigh144 it depends entirely on what you want to do. It appears that you could be a candidate for a CI. But you need to put a lot of thought and research into a CI before going ahead and buying new hearing aids. Why? Certain companies Ci’s pair with a particular brand of HA.
Do your research, ring the CI company representative and ask if they can come and talk with you. They will also help set you up with an assessment and ENT surgeon in your area. Once you have been assessed it’s your decision m, and your decision alone as to whether you go forward or sit on the fence. I sat on the fence for a further 18 months, in hindsight I made a stupid decision but I can’t change it now.
It’s a big decision, don’t let anyone tell you that you have to do it. You will get a lot of support from the CI community here also. Good luck with your decision making.


One more vote for doing thorough CI evaluation. Then you’ll have the proper information on which you can ponder further.