Should I be concerned and look else where?

I just got and e-mail form the audi that I was going to get my new aids from. She says she can get The Savia like I wanted but she is most familiar with the Seimen products and her choice would be the Centra. Is this a step down and I should look else where or trust her to set me up right with the Savia. The other possibilty is the are just as good as the Savia I just know very little about them. Any help from the group on this one? I know they have a remote and they have a circuit that matches them to one another. I have very poor comprehension in my right ear. I think this would be a problem with matching and still understanding. I know they can learn my listening habits also.
My main concerns. 1.Understanding in noise 2. the ability to go from auto to manual adjusting between programs (Remote i guess) when needed. 3. several program settings 4. the ability to learn or track my listening environments so we can improve my devices when needed. 5. longevity and durability. Directional mics may be a plus but don’t know what to expect.
Bottom line is do I go my choice high tech or her choice high tech that shee is most familiar with. I always read on here to go with the audis most familiar programming abilities. And as a reminder my base line for good hearing is Beltone and Audibel digitals.
Thanks for any help you can give.

The Centra is also a good hearing aid, no doubt. But as in my case also, we sometimes are more familiar with one product versus another. I am the opposite and am used to Phonak and Sonic Innovations versus Siemens and Oticon.

In addition, the more you buy from a manufacturer, the better price you get, so she may have a larger margin and better price for you on the Centra versus the Savia.

If you are comfortable with her, why not try the Centra and make sure that there is a signed return policy and give it a try. The self learning and RF communication is neat on the Siemens. The remote is bulky versus the Watch Pilot from Phonak.

Otherwise, features are similar and I would definitely choose the directional mics, no matter what you choose.