Should HA’s reproduce spoken words as well as streamed

Yes, that seems very odd. What if you just take the Livios out and then put them back in. Or vice versa?

mentioned this to the audi several weeks ago and she thought maybe it’s was because the aids were learning as the day went on, in my case not learning for the better. When I switched to the other it was fresh out of the charger and reset. She said to try putting the same aids back in and I did. At the time I had the Moments and OPN’s. As I remember putting them in the charger for several minutes did help, like switching to the other brand.

She hasn’t done REM on the Livios yet. Maybe tomorrow I don’t know. I’ve been making suggestions from everything I’ve learned about HAs and hearing loss and I feel like the guy who reads stuff on the web and then trying to tell her how to do her job. If I actually owned the aids I would feel more comfortable telling her what I wanted done.

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Don’t be afraid to tell the Audi what you want.
If I hadn’t, I would still have warbling.
Everything I know came from this site.
My aids are not perfect, but they are as close as I probably will get.

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I thought audi found the vibration problem only to be disappointed. She wanted to try a tighter fitting dome than the tulips so she put some Phonak open dome that looked like little basketballs. As soon as we put them in I could tell an instant change in her voice an especially mine. Right before I left, almost 2hrs later, the vibrations were back. I also noticed when going into the booth I could understand her well wo the aids. At the end of the appointment I had the aids out and I told her I couldn’t understand her as well as earlier so she did a quick audiogram on the right ear. There were some minor differences from the test earlier, 5dB but nothing that really stood out. One of the higher frequency’s was 10dB lower.

This is driving me nuts! If the vibrations were never better I could except it and go on but as soon as we changed those domes I could tell my voice sounded normal not like I was talking into a fan.

Looking at your hearing loss my first thought is you need to be in ear-molds. Have you tried lowering the volume on your aids when these fan sounds/vibrations happen?
Is the voice in fan/vibration sound in both ears? I suspect your left ear is causing problems.
@Neville could the fan sound/vibrations be clipping?

I have tried everything I can think of. Starky has a great app with 4 band EQ. Turning volume down doesn’t help. I can help it by playing with the EQ but this is not realistic to do on the fly. I can have it set to help and the next person I tlke to that setting doesn’t work for them or the environment we may be in. The left ear isn’t doing much with speech and isn’t causing the vibration. It’s more or less just giving me the feeling that it’s there, on the left. When I got back to work I took the right aid out because the vibrations were so bad. I could carry on a conversation with an employee and the vibration was better, still there but wasn’t destroying what he was saying like with the right in.

Thanks for the input.

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I tried molds with the Moments and it actually made it worse. They were acrylic. I mentioned silicone to audi today, I think we’re going to try that.

But what EQ changes reduce the vibration?

Usually lowering the ultra high and high and raising the mid helps. Every now and then I will lower the low also.


Does your vibrations ever go away or seem better at times? For me, the mornings are almost vibration free. It’s starts creeping in around 10:00 and gets terrible by 2:00 then gets better latter in the night around 8:00. I think it’s either me(my ears) or the HAs work better in my home than away from home, just guessing though.

Mine never go away.
Sometimes I think they are worse but never better.
It’s only the left ear.

I have a similar problem. ENT told me that I need hearing aids but sometimes HAs may make it worse. Nerve damage and allergies. Woman and children’s voices and my own voice when I sing or speak loudly. I call it crackling static. I have resound fortes from Costco. Plan to buy another pair of Resounds soon. I have tried Widex, Signia and Rexton. They all crackle but surprisingly not with instrumental music and other sounds. Just voices. Resound has the most customizable app there is and it maintains your settings even when you change programs during the day. Others allow you save custom setting if you want all of those saved ones to weed through. You should see a hearing specialist. It is not the aids.

Could you share your audiogram? Cracking is a sound I am familiar with. Does volume/gain effect this crackling sound?

Ricus50 hit the nail on the head: It is not the aids. It makes me glad I am not in practice anymore. I am probably going to get a lot of flack over this statement, but when someone want to try 3,4,5 or 6 different instruments it becomes cost prohibitive. It cost from $150 - 300 ,or more, per hour to keep an office open. Trying that many instruments is ridiculous. By the time you are on your third, you have forgotten what the first sounded like. A competent professional should be able to make any of today’s hearing aids do the job. There will not be any “eye opening” differences. Granted, when you are spending your hard earned dollars, you want the best. But a reality check has to come into play. Every instrument you try has to be be paid for by the practice. Sure it can be sent back for credit if it does not work, but the expense for the staff to return the instrument is basically “eaten” and it goes in the statistics as a “return for credit” instrument. The old adage of the customer is always right does not apply when it is draining resources from the business you hope will be around to help you in the future.

This is my understanding too.
Thank you for sharing.

@gorgeguy Ding ding ding… When folks say an aid sounds like X it’s not the aid, it’s the proprietary algorithm. And that’s just tuning. They can all be tuned the same way. It’s why you see the manufacturers trying to differentiate with “AI” features, fitness tracking, connectivity, apps, etc.

For me, I’m just doing what the audiologists is telling me. When she says I want you to try X brand I do it. I’m on my third brand and I can honestly say I do remember what the first one sounded like on my bad days, not good. I also can tell the second brand handles my bad days better than the third brand but doesn’t sound as good on my good days. There’s also the difference in the way they handle unwanted noise and louder sounds but at this point I don’t care about that. I also believe the vibrations are worse (or make it better) with certain domes and even the custom molds I tried.

I go back again to this - why doesn’t streamed voices vibrate?

You will from first time hearing aid users and from anyone who suffers from sudden hearing loss. It’s scary and you go in search of anything that will help you understand your wife, kids, grandkids, family, friends and strangers again. If that search ends up costing the business trying to help you some profit, I hope at the end of the day, it’s worth it.

10 years from now, if I lm lucky enough to still be alive, I’m sure I will have these hearing aids figured out and know exactly what I want but now, I haven’t got a clue.