Should any ear wax be removed before testing?


If you have a normal amount of wax in the ear (unclogged state) should it be removed to make a squeaky clean state before testing? I think that squeaky clean is not my normal state, and I should test with my usual ear status which is an unclogged state containing normal amount of wax to show my real hearing status. Testing of squeaky clean ears may make my hearing results seem better than what it is usually on average thus giving me an audiogrtam which may point me to a weaker performing hearing aid.



No, it needn’t be removed as long as a reasonable part of the drum is visible. If there’s impacted wax or material sitting against the drum it can have an effect on the recorded values, but usually only in the lower pitches.

Your assertion is slightly inaccurate too - a cleared ear is always a good basis for testing - assuming some blockage isn’t a particularly accurate way to establish a fitting.




an ear has to be pretty much fully occluded before wax will have any effect on hearing. If air can pass, so can sound.



Ew. For the sake of the professional I am visiting, I always make sure my ears are as clean as possible. Yuck. Trim your hairs, clean your ears, and show up clean and neat.



it should if you have excessive earwax like me :wink:




I was completely occluded last year and had the doctors nurse remove the wax buildup. Yuck. So I now have an ear scope and wax removal stuff. Makes me feel cleaner and keeps the Dr a little happier.

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