Short life for batteries in Resound Linx 2

Batteries only lasting hours to 2 days in new aids. Have tried 3 different brands.
All are failing. Linked to iPhone 5S. Rayovac worse. Duracell a little better. Have not used Kirtland yet. Ideas?

Connecting to your iphone all the time is probably sucking the power right out of your batteries. Some HA’s just use more power…but bluetooth connections can be particularly draining on a battery. Rayovac (depending on the model) and Kirkland likely would have comparable lives. I think they are almost identical batteries.

I’m stunned that the Duracell did a little better than the Rayovac. I would have expected the opposite.

Good luck.



Are you doing a lot of streaming from the iPhone or other iOS device? I have mild to moderate high frequency loss and I got 5 days from a 312 battery on the Linx 961s and 6 days on the Linx2 961s. I streamed phone calls and occasionally audiobooks or video soundtracks from my iPad. I did not spend a lot of time streaming.

If you stream a lot, you’d probably like the 962 better. It has a larger (size 13) battery. It is just slightly larger as a result.

I’ve found that with streaming I get the shortest battery life from Duracell, Rayovac and the Costco batteries. PowerOne and ZeniPower last longer when I’m streaming a lot.