Shopping for Aids

:)An article in the Wall Street Journal.

I disagree with some portions of this article.

“To keep costs down, consider getting just one aid, even if you have lost hearing in both ears; if necessary, add a second one later, when you can afford it.”

This is horrible advice. Monaural hearing is completely unnatural. It has a significantly lower success rate. Hearing in background noise and localizing sounds is severely compromised. It’s almost better to buy two of the cheapest hearing aids you can find, than one good one.


I have made the decision to only get one aid because (I think) the hearing in my right ear is not as bad. Here are my readings:



My question is, is there a threshold at which a person should decide between only one or two?

Forgive me, my comments were aimed at those with a bilateral loss.

In your case, I’d argue that a hearing aid will be minimal benefit in the right ear, and certainly if I were you, I’d be monaural too.

As for a threshold, I’d say if the average is below 20dB loss, it’s time to consider hearing aids. Although the average is not the only criteria. Once you get over 4KHz, hearing aids rapidly become less effective. With your results effectively normal to 3K, the improvement is going to be a shade more clarity in that right ear. But I seriously doubt it would be a worthy improvement.

Your left ear is a whole different ball game. With a good hearing aid in that ear, you should have a more balanced natural sound and better overall hearing.

Hope it works out for you.

As a hearing aid user for the last 6 years, I reacted like you did to that part of the article.

probl… the writer of the article does not know much about HI

I agree with ZCT. When I got my first aid, I was somewhat in denial (I was about 22 years old) and had little money. I needed two aids, but would only buy and wear 1. I did this for a number of years, with only limited success.

When I finally made the jump to 2 aids, it was like another world opened up to me. It was as if I had only seen pictures, and then experienced 3d in the real world for the first time.

Until I got 2 hearing aids, I never knew the guy in the song “Two silouettes on the shade” was on the wrong block. :smiley: