Shooting Range Hearing Loss - Info PLEASE

Maning the phone in the machine room for the bomb elevator directly behind the starboard catapult and inches under the flight deck is where l worked during flight ops. With the door open to the catwalk I would lie on a hot steel bench waiting for a call from the third deck bomb build up room to open the hatch. My whole body would vibrate with the roar from the jet engines.

Years later when l had ha’s l went to a Clvil War reenactment I heard the cannon go off one time and l headed for the car. The pleasant dinging sound of the ha starting turned to the sound of a hammer hitting an anvil.

Though I would like to hear better, I sleep soundly, avoid the phone, and tell myself that at least I don’t have to hear everything. I’ve learned to ignore the ringing noise.

Thank you for serving. Which carrier did you serve on? My husband served on the Midway. I thank all the military for serving to keep us safe; but most of all the severely wounded and those that gave their all.

Grandson served on the KittyHawk as a Snipe.

God bless you all.

Bon Homme Richard CVA 31, America CVA 66, thank you to you and your sailors

HEY, T! Thanks for your call back… This “all voices helium sound” has been going on for a year now, so it won’t go away. We’re heading to FL and I am going to seek out an MD who may have seen this issue and solved the problem. I’m now convinced HA won’t be a solution. Mayb Cochlear implants or there’s water in my inner ear? (that’s been suggested). It’s terrible on the cell phones.

Don’t recall getting a private message from you or maybe I don’t know how to retrieve it.