Shelf Life Power One batteries

Does anyone have experience with the shelf life of Power One batteries,
Ordering a large quantity is very economical, but how do they perform after being stored for 1 or 2 years ?

I do not know that brand but I have had batteries to be good after several years but they were the Air Starts so they were not activated until I removed the seal.

Nothing to do with shelf life … but be aware that I have been advised that Phonak & Unitron design their aids around Varta Power One batteries.

So … a word to the wise … some might therefore consider it sensible to use Power One batteries if using Phonak or Unitron aids.

Shelf life should be about 2 or 3 years as long as the sticker si not removed. There is always a date printed on the power one batteries. Rarely have I seen these batteries go out before the shelf date does. We always recommend purchasing the batteries by the box. One box should last the average person with 2 aids 6 months. Since you should go in for a regular cleaning about every 6 months is serves as a convenient reminder for when you should have your aids professionally cleaned.