Sharing my Dream


As a hearing aid wearer I’ve forgotten how it is to hear naturally until I had a dream last night. My story dream was without hearing aids. I said to my self, “I can hear everyone normally without aids”. How freeing it was.

I now know what I’m missing not hearing normally, but at least my dream brought me back to remembering.

Just sharing.



Just be thankful you can hear at all .Hearing aids are truly a blessing.



I know, thanks wyattwilliam891



It could happen one day.

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Yes. thank you. d Wooluf.



Music was very very important to me and a great source of pleasure and solace. However, I can no longer hear it properly even with hearing aids. It sounds distorted and off key. The other night I dreamed I was doing something and had the TV on in the background when I suddenly realized I was hearing a symphony in all its glory. I was so excited. For that brief time I remembered how beautiful music was. It was the first time I can remember sound being important in a dream.

So I understand what you experienced.

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Hi @nancyb

A few of us here (three out of four who have tried them I think) have had success in listening to music with the Nuraphone headphones. Search for nura in these forums. To be clear, they are designed for mainstream use, not to compensate for clinical-level hearing issues. There is a 30 day trial however, so you’re mainly risking your time and maybe postage back but with the possibility of recovering something that you loved.

Best wishes.



Blessing for you, it could be happened one day.

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It’s funny that occasionally, I dream that I can NOT hear people, and feel frustrated.

However, I DO find that my Sennheiser headphones make music sound so fabulous that I have to time myself listening to music, or I’d seriously get nothing done all day and just sit listening. We are in trial with Quboz, which offers a pretty decent quality of music and comprehensive library of artists and genres.



Thank you so much. Given the amount of distortion, I’m not holding out a lot of hope. lol let you know if they work.



My dream is to be able to understand speech and have good word recognition. Something I haven’t had most of my adult life

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Please do. I didn’t hold out much hope either and I only bought them when other people here started recommending them. Also, they’ll be bringing out an ear bud version they call the Nuraloop. It will be a lot cheaper. It won’t have their ‘immersion mode’, but most people with significant hearing loss would turn that off anyway. If you want to go the full headset, don’t pay full price. Either go for the subscription or get a 20% discount code off the internet. Good luck.



You should demo some Widex hearing aids. They have prolonged my ability to function as a musician.