Shall I have a Stapedectomies

Hi I’m new to this site and hope it will help me with my decision.

I had some ear test’s toady at my local hospital and they have said it looks although i have Otosclerosis. I still have to have a Scan before meeting a surgeon to talk about having

I am 31 years old and my hearing loss has been going slowly since i was 19 years old. I have always put it down to loud music, as when i was 19 and pregnant i went to a concert and it was after then, that i started to notice my hearing change…Looking at it now i was pregnant and if what i have read is true, pregnancy can bring Otosclerosis on.

I have lived with the loss for this long so am not sure weather too have the surgery.
I am worried if i say no i may end up totally deaf in my ear.

Also i am worried for my two daughters, is this really hereditary?

Any help on this would be great.

Many thanks

It may take you a bit, but you should read through ALL of the threads on this topic.

Yes, Otot… is hereditary, but it can skip generations or individuals. It is progressive and while some may never go stone deaf, others will. It can affect the middle ear, which is operable, and the inner ear as well (not operable). If the desise stays in the middle ear, you will probably never be totally deaf and function well with hearing aids.

Popular opinion on inner ear loss with oto… is that it is not treatable, however there are some ENTs that will treat with Flourides and other medications. This treatment is controversial, I have been doing it for 15 years and my sister has not. She is now approaching candidacy for a CI, my inner ear response is almost normal up to 2KHz, so I am certainly a believer in this treatment.

I’ve just had my 3rd stapedectomy on my left ear and plan a lengthy post in the middle of next week when I will have the post op audiogram done. Your decision to be operated on will depend on risk vs potential gain, which I will cover next week.

In the meantime you should google Lippy Video Library and watch any and all of the videos which may interest you.

I would recommend you research what otosclerosis is so you feel confident when speaking with doctors and you will have a better idea of what to ask the doctor. Also, I would recommend you get a second opinion before you have surgery. This is a surgery that they say has over a 90% success rate but it is still a serious surgery. The surgeon must move an important nerve to get to the stapes bone so you need to go to the best doctor you can with the most experience.

I had a stapedectomy last aug and had severe vertigo for two weeks and couldn’t get out of bed. More importantly, I lost my sense of taste and my hearing in the ear that recieved the stapedectomy is a bit worse. So the one benefit of having the sugery is that the otosclerosis won’t continue to get worse in the middle ear but the inner ear hearing loss could still get worse. I have severe to profound hearing loss in this ear. My good ear has a moderate to severe hearing loss. I will not have the other ear done since my results leave much to be desired. Good luck researching your issue and choose the best surgeon you can if you decide to have it done. PS. My doctor was a otoneurosurgeon at a teaching hospital in Chicago. He came highly recommended.

I had stapedectomies in both my ears after I turned 18 as my hearing was pretty bad. I have had no problems, my hearing has never been perfect due to nerve damage but at least up to now I have never needed hearing aids and have lead a prettly normal life. I am 44 now and starting to find myself struggling to hear conversations. I have no-one in my family who have/had this disease that I am aware of. I guess its a different story for everyone, me personally would recommend one.