Serial Numbers for Siemens Pure 701's

Can anyone enlighten me about the significance and or meaning of the serial numbers for the Siemens Pure 701 hearing aids? Date / year of manufacture? I was fitted with a pair of these in January 2011. The serial number for the left is LW43426 and the serial number for the right is LW12476. Seems to me to be a pretty large spread in the numbers.:confused:

You MAY get a response on the Siemens contact page.

I would ask them and your professional to tell you when they were made and if one was on the shelf somewhere for a couple of years I think I would ask/demand a replacement and see what happens. It looks funny.

I just happened to read the documentation for the Siemens Pure 701 online. The second letter indicates the year of manufacture, so both your aids were manufactured in the same year. In their example, they say that U or V indicates 2009, so I assume that W indicates 2010. The numeric part could include a batch number or the week of manufacture; e.g., they could have been made in weeks 43 and 12 of 2010. At least I think you can be confident that they are both of recent manufacture.

Hello Don and Z300M. Sorry for the late reply, out of town on business…Thanks for the info. I feel better now knowing that the aids are current manufacture. :slight_smile: