Sepsis, warning folks!

Warning folks!!!

Well, I just managed to get Sepsis for the second time in 4 years ffs. Sepsis is one of the most dangerous infections known to man with a very high mortality rate, approximately around 50k folks die from it in the UK each year out of 150k who became infected, once in your blood and infected, the bacteria rapidly multiplies and attacks all the vital organs including the brain, the immune system becomes overwhelmed and basically shuts down, if left undiagnosed it can cause the loss of fingers, arms, toes, legs, I read of one lady who lost her nose… Via amputation!!! Sepsis was formerly known as Blood Poisoning or Septicaemia.

• Symptoms include,
• Generalised body swelling
• Severe headache
• Faster heart rate
• Reduced urine output
• Fever and chills
• Decreased platelet count
• Difficulty in breathing
• Mental confusion
• Hyperventilation
• Dryness of mouth and throat
• Severe shaking

Personally I was feeling under the weather all the week before last, come last Saturday things started to escalate, severe dry mouth, severe headache, difficulty’s peeing, heart racing @ 139 beats per minute, fever with a 38.1 temperature and hot and cold chills, my hands were sometimes shaking so bad I couldn’t hold anything, but worst of all you are mentally confused as you get a kind of euphoria and think you are okay, so I went to bed, come Sunday things got progressively worse, once I hit the 39.0 degrees temperature about 10-30pm my wife Elspeth asked if she could phone NHS 24 emergency out of hours here in UK, 911 I believe in the USA? I said yes, some symptoms are very COVID like, they were going to send an ambulance but said she would kindly take me into Raigmore Hospital General COVID ward for assessment I got out this afternoon.

Now folks Sepsis is a killer it kills more folks in the UK than Breast and Bowel Cancers combined and if you have some or all of those symptoms then phone NHS 24 or 911 immediately if not sooner!!! There was a not too small added bonus for me just to rub it in, they discovered I had heart disease and type 2 diabetes, I guess I am just lucky like that but in all truth, I wouldn’t have known so it was blessing in disguise as now they can treat it!!! Take care and stay safe, cheers Kev

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Glad you’re ok. Yes, sepsis is a big deal. Do they have any idea what the original source of the infection was?


My Dad had this; it is quite scary. He was in ICU for 4 or 5 nights, hospital for a week after that. He had a tube in his neck they delivered the antibiotics that way.

He was a Type 2 diabetic and had a number of other health issues, as well.

Glad you have recovered! Scary time.

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Thank you…Don’t know exactly MDB, it can come from 3 sources I believe, Bacterial, Viral and Fungal, the official name they gave mine was Urosepsis and exactly the same as last time 3 years and 8 months ago. Cheeers Kev

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Thank you Freedom… Tis a very nasty infection!!! Cheers Kev

Urosepsis implies an infection in your urinary tract, likely bladder. Most likely bacterial.


Thanks for the info. Glad you survived.

You always seem to have something positive to say even when bad things happen.

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Yeah MDB, I agree with your sentiments! Thank you. Cheers Kev

Thank you zephren… I wouldn’t say I am positive about everything, but health issues I think you have got to try to be or take something positive out of, in my case I inadvertently discovered other health issues I was blissfully unaware of. Cheers Kev

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Yes, my Dad’s started with a UTI as well.

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Kev, I wish you a speedy and complete recovery and easy management of the medical issues they found. Your attitude is probably one of the best medicines. Be well!! Barb

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Wow. That is a sobering read. I had no idea sepsis was such a common occurrence in the UK. To get this twice in 4 years is concerning! Does your doc recommend anything to stave it off? What about Vit-D supplements, which are supposed to strengthen the immune system? Glad you pulled through this - and thanks for sharing the symptom checklist!

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Thank you for the kind words Barb… I have copied this extract from a PM; One other strange thing occurred in the run-up to this bout of Sepsis, and it was hearing loss related, approximately 5 or 6 weeks ago I started noticing a significant drop in my hearing, so much so, I asked my Audiologist to test me, my hearing was indeed down with “No Response” dead spots between 4K and 8k in my left, and “No Response” at 8k in my right, now of course this could have been coincidental, but my hearing appears to have returned yesterday to my normal loss, I will be getting it tested again next week to confirm or deny this theory. Cheers Kev.

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Thank you Bluejay.

Yeah, it is common and kills approximately 6 Million people worldwide each year!!! In regard to my immune system that may recover in a few months as severe high doses of antibiotics kill off your “Microbiome” … The human gut biome (microbiome) consists of about 100 trillion bacteria cells — more than 10 times more than there are human cells in your body. You could even start to think of your gut biome as a significant organ in your body, so keeping it healthy and balanced is essential to reduce disease and optimize performance, it weighs around 3 1/2 pounds, and it is essential to prop up your immune system and breaking down your food, it is constantly repairing your digestive system and to put it mildly mines may just have been wiped out by antibiotics, we have good bacteria and bad bacteria you have to protect and nurture the good ones, and it is unfortunate we have to take these antibiotics with a critical infection, personally I try to avoid, but in this instance you do not have any other options. Cheers Kev.

You may wish to consider probiotics or at least yogurt & cottage cheese to help reestablish the microbiome.


YES! I was also thinking of probiotics. I had a bad staph infection many years ago and was put on a horse-sized antibiotic for about 10 days (1/day). 2 hrs after each antibiotic, I’d chase it with a probiotic. The doc was really surprised that I tolerated the antibiotic SUPER well.

But, um, I had many MANY issues with that staph infection: swelling, purple skin, peeling soles and palms, and then … 3 mos later MASSIVE hair loss to clog the shower stall drain. I was told that having had it once, I may even be more prone to getting it again.

Vit-D supplements are good for the immune system as well. I’ve taken 2000IUs of D the past year during the pandemic - anything to improve my odds from getting it.

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Take a look at the surviving sepsis campaign. They have sections for the public and health care professionals.


Thanks for the heads up kevels55, and very pleased to hear that you have been able to manage your situation and get attention for health problems discovered as a result of the investigations. Sharp, neat and punchy title, really effective in grabbing attention eye.
Very best wishes for a speedy full recovery.

Thanks also to Psocoptera for the Link to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign. This hammers home the importance of getting help fast.

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I am on the Probiotics case FredO, thank you. Cheers Kev

Thank you Bluejay… Cheeers Kev :wink: