Sennheiser Infra-Red Sound Reinforcement

Hey all

Has anyone got any information or advice about Sennheiser’s Infra-Red Sound Reinforcement system?

I’m visiting QPAC for Penn & Teller in January (yay!), and trying to determine how suitable the system will be. Does it support telecoil? If not, how effective is it in working alongside hearing aids? KS8.0, specifically.

QPAC have been asked, but the staff there aren’t sure about the details.

QPAC’s accessibility page: Accessibility at QPAC - Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)

I purchased the Sennheiser RS 175 in 2015 after sending back a bluetooth audio TV which was supposed to send to my HAs. It did but I was hearing the same lousy audio that I would hear with plain KS6’s. I now use the over the ear 175 headsets along with my Ks 7s. No need to remove the HAs from my ears. Just place the over the ear speakers to cover the ears and enjoy much higher fidelity audio (not via the HAs but in conjunction with the Sennheiser headphones) They still sell these on Amazon. Not cheap but less than two hundred bucks.