Sennheiser BTD 500 USB Bluetooth Dongle

I’m having problems connecting my phonak compilot 2 to my desktop computer to my desktop via bluetooth. The bluetooth doesn’t recognize the compilot properly and creates 2 seperate things in the sound bar. One for the headset and one for the headphones.

I found out that the Sennheiser BTD 500 USB Bluetooth Dongle works with compilots to create a stable bluetooth experience.

Wondering if it is compatible with the phonak compilot 2? Also if anyone has this would like to hear your experiences

Thanks in advanced

I also was having trouble streaming music from my PC to my P90s. I tried three different dongles that would not work before I decided to call Phonak Customer Support. They were very helpful and told me that the P90s had been tested with the Avantree DG80. I purchased it and it worked great with my P90s. It is also a lot cheaper than the Sennheiser Dongle.


Hi, I have the 400 model and that works fine with compilot 2.

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I got one and it works well. $10 new on Ebay free and fast shipping. The vendor had a lot of them.Sennheiser BTD 500 USB - - USB Bluetooth Transmitter Never used New in box | eBay

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I looked at your link on eBay and it says it doesn’t work with Windows 8 or 10.

What are you using it with?

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Unless I’m missing something, it says it works with Windows 7 and Vista. Pretty sure it would work with Windows 8 and 10. They weren’t around when the packaging was made.


Win 10 on a Microsoft Surface Pro. I just use the internal BT on everything else but needed the dongle for the Surface. Works well.


Desktop computer device

Thanks for the link, does it work for both audio input and voice output

Awesome to hear, does it work for both audio input as well as voice output?

I don’t think it works for audio in, however, since I had no interest in doing audio in I didn’t check it out. Also, it only works for words and music with audio out. It will not transfer data. Once again, I had not interest in that feature. Listening to my music from my library on my PC and also words and music from youtube was more than enough for me and it does it great.

Thanks for letting me know, glad it hear ot works good for listening to audio