Sending out my aids for servicing, advice?

So as some may know from earlier post, I am sending out my aids for servicing. I have had the hearing aids for almost 4 years and have never sent them out for repair and I am one who likes to do preventative maintenance on my aids.

I notice the sound is not what it once was in my hearing aids. Lord knows what needs to be replaced or tightened up in there. Do I make any specific requests. In the past, I have often have gotten receivers and mics replaced. Do they still do this?

Are there any specific things you notice when say you need to have a receiver or mic replaced? Are there any parts of the hearing aid that wear out that they might replace? Before I had digital hearing aids, I often got the circuits replaced when my hearing aids would stop working.

Manufacturers seem to charge a great deal for this kind of service. I think there are private service centers which can do it well, for a fair price.

When I need a hearing aid ADJUSTED to my audiogram, I send it to

Donald Krieger
9523 Madison St, ste 1
Garrison, MN 56450

who has earned my respect. If I needed a repair, I’d send it to him.

he sells used aids on eBay, fairly priced, hearingguy1 is seller name on ebay.


As I have said in a previous post I have sent my HA’s to and they have done a fantastic job both times and they have been reasonable in price and returned the HA’s both times in less than one week. All employees worked for Starkey until Starkey pulled up stakes in Southern CA and moved east. They will go through your HA and replace anything that needs replacing and re-calibrate and clean the HA’s to like new condition.

I was at the audiologist today and sent them out through there. I needed to borrow a loaner pair since my old aids seem to be close to dead.

The price my audiologist gave was pretty reasonable. Will let you know how it goes. But perhaps in the future I will send hen out myself when I have a good back up pair.

Sounds good. What exactly will be replaced, do you know?

Depends what they find. My guess that they will replace the mics

Oh right, I thought they would replace things no matter what as they are re conditioning the aids not repairing them as such.

Well, I have done this before when I had Siemens Hearing aids and they replaced the mics and the receiver on one of them. Don’t know how Phonak does it.

While it would be common for four-year-old aids to need some replacement parts, it is possible based just on your question in the last four years, your hearing may have changed enough to make a significant difference in aid performance. You may need the software settings for the aids changed as much as any parts.

I recently went back to my audiologist after two-and-a-half years on my aids and feeling recently that the aids weren’t performing as they had been. I had my hearing retested and just needed new settings. The aids were fine. Once the settings were adjusted, I got that dialed-in feeling again. It was very similar to when I first got aids: the deterioration in speech comprehension had been so gradual that I had a feeling that something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t pinpoint it. (I forgot to ask for a copy of my new audiogram to change my signature below, but I think at least some of the numbers have now deteriorated another 5-10 dB, which is certainly enough to make a difference.)

So if you no longer have access to the audiologist who sold you your aids, and no one else locally who will adjust settings for aids sold by someone else (this does happen), the guy above from Minnesota who would adjust your aids to your audiogram after your hearing is retested may be a good way to go, especially if the aids are serviced and still don’t sound right.

I see my audiologist once a year and am due for a hearing test in June. I think it my be a combination of both the program settings and parts

All hearing aids esp the mics will not pick up as well after 4 years of wearing them. (They don’t filter noise as well) The different normally is only a few dbs but it still means the hearing aid effectiveness is not as good.

Midwest Hearing Services, Brainerd area. I could go there and back in one day. 320-296-2885 Contemplation. If he does molds for cheap-- Thinking seriously.

Is that a fact or an opinion? I don’t necessarily believe it’s true.

Opinion; not necessarily true. Given the slight boost I have given mine, I am still getting feedback. I think I need bigger molds, and maybe relegate these to spares, if he can give me a good deal.

jgirardi was referring to NiadaUP’s post regarding HA’s mics needing to be replaced after 4 years and had nothing to do with earmolds. However, if you need new earmolds and have a Costco nearby they charge $40 apiece which is hard to beat and if you have had the same molds since 2008 you probably need new ones.

Costco is further away than Brainerd area, I think. These molds were new in October. But they are in the canal, I think too small. On the other hand, my molds and ears needed a good swabbing out with babywipes, sort of oily.

I am curious to see what they find on my aids. I wear these babies at least 12 hours a day and I am out and about. I have gotten caught in the rain and snow with them.

I just had a talk with a deaf friend about earmolds. I am definitely going to call the guy in 15 mi. south of Brainard. He says I ought to check and see first if my audi’s office can re-do them for free. He can’t do what I want for cheaper, but there is a Costco closer than Brainard. So-- LOL. I think he is lurking.

Midwest Hearing Services has the same phone as my guy Don Krieger, mentioned above: 320 296 2885

If you are satisfied, please let us know. Or if you are not … :wink:


Yeah that is his name and who I talked to.