Selling Oticon FittingLINK 3.0

Long story short, managed to buy this set here in the UK but now seeing as i have a few different brands of hearing aids, i ended up getting a universal programmer.

Only been used about two times to connect to OPN’s, seems to work fine without issue. Also included is the WP-2 programmer for older Oticon hearing aids and Genie on USB.

It’s on eBay so take a look if you’re interested!

Sorry I searched for it but couldn’t find it. You have the item # for it?

Item number - 122567025481.

Was initially showing up but it seems as though eBay have removed it from their Global Shipping Programme, funny because i have sold many similar items before.

Will let you know when i have calculated shipping costs and set my own shipping on the listing.

direct link:

can the fittinglink 3 read the program in the Opn(that the audi loaded), or can you only put a new one in?

FittingLINK 3.0 doesn’t perform that function. Genie 2 performs that function and Yes, Genie 2 can read the current programming using a wireless programming device (FittingLINK 3.0) or using a cabled programming device (mini Pro or Hi Pro).

I notice that the desk stand is missing from the pics in this eBay posting. Does it come with the desk stand?

No it does not have a desk stand unfortunately.

Is your Fittinglink still available?

Yes it is, i will have to relist it, are you interested in purchasing? where are you located?

Yes, I would definitely like to purchase it. I live in Southern Maryland.

It’s been relisted!

Ok, I have purchased it. Thanks…

Hi Jim. Sorry to bother you. I see that you wear the OPN1 and purchased the FittingLink 3.0 from this eBay listing about 6 months ago. It looks like the sale included both a FittingLink 3.0 (which is appropriate for your OPN1) as well as the older FittingLink 2.0.

I’m trying to convince my father that a hearing aid would be of benefit to him. As such, I’m doing so on the cheap. I got an amazing deal on the Oticon Alta2 on eBay, and I’m looking to get my hands on a FittingLink 2.0 (“wp-2”) to fine tune its settings a little. Is there any chance that you don’t need the one that was included in your purchase and you’d be interested in selling yours? If so, how much would you be looking to get for it?

Sorry to contact you in this way. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me how to send a private message on this site. Thanks again for your time.

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I need to purchase an Oticon FittingLINK 3.0 but as a consumer I cannot figure out where/how to buy one. Can you help?


You might try giving Buyhear a call and see if they can get you one. They have been able to get them in the past but the only way to find out is to talk to them. You can reach them here:

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Thanks you sir, I’ll give them a try.

Revear, a German website, has them

Thank you! I tried to buy the device there, but they do not seem to ship to the US. Any other ideas/sources?

Thanks, Phil