Selling Hearing Aids

Does anyone have any idea where one might go to sell a pair of hearing aids? My father passed away last month - he had purchased a pair of Starkey IQ 9’s and loved them. They are just a year old and we need to sell them to help his wife be able to stay in their home. Any ideas???

this should be good…

donate them to Starkey’s charitable foundation and take the tax write off.

If the aids are just a year old, perhaps the professional he bought them from can work out a return deal with Starkey.

Since hearing aids are classed as medical devices and need to to be programmed for the individual, selling them can be a challenge.

Unfortunately unless Starkey is feeling very generous once you are outside the 90 days the manu’s will usually give pros to return products it’s really not possible to do so. The dispenser might be willing to buy them back and use as loaners or demos…but it’s unlikely.

Ultimately the best bet is to donate them and get the tax write-off or try to sell them on ebay…

I am sorry for your loss. I know it is a rough time right now.

There is not a big market for used hearing aids but you still might be able to sell them on ebay or craig’s list. Remember, when sold new they come with a warranty and some bundled services for setup, adjustments, and maybe some supplies. Selling used, you are not providing any of that. The hearing aids would have to be set up by a professional. The buyer would have to find an audiologist willing to take them on and there is some risk for the audiologist so not all would want to get involved with used hearing aids.

I’m not trying to discourage you from selling them, just being realistic. You could also donate them to the Lions Club and possibly take a charity deduction.

Here is the Starkey site. You will need to take the original invoice and get on that site and determine the actual model. The X and the Wi are the two current top model lines. Yours sounds like the S Series IQ maybe?