Self-repair of hearing aids

Hello all,

Could anyone point me towards any resources aimed at repairing your own hearing aids? I’m looking to fix a spare Rexton Day BTE hearing aid that does not power on/is not detected by my Connexx/Hi-Pro. I work in industrial automation and have no problems with doing the repair myself, it’s just an issue of knowing what I’m working with and where to get the parts from.


Hi. Not hard to disassemble but have a close look at the battery holder first. It may not be turning on because contacts broken or corroded. I know gold won’t corrode, but if moisture got in at any stage, the connection to the gold bit may be gone. It wont see a connection to the programmer if the battery is not in there unless yours can be powered from the USB and through the programmer. If you open it you will see that it is quite cramped and with flexible PC board, not a happy job. Good lluck though and dont be afraid of it, Nothing to lose really. Cheers