Self Programming the Phonak Marvel


Hey… I still use a hi-pro when I need to…lol
And Jimmy wouldn’t be happy if he heard you call it a “junk programming device” LOL



Ahh. Good point. I was just going from memory. I’ve got the wireless one coming. Hopefully it’s a real one for $250 off of eBay.



One more thing. You actually bought a noahlink wireless and got the phonak sotware just t be able to adjust your own? Hmmm good luck



I call it junk for emphasis to help ppl from making a foolish mistake in buying NOAHlink when they really want Noahlink Wireless.

What’s wrong with that? It makes sense to me.



a lot of money for something you will probably stop using in a short amount of time. But it is your money. Good luck



oic; You can usually sell a Noahlink Wireless for same, or close to what you paid, so it’s really very little risk. It’s possible he may use it for the rest of his life. Sometimes your Audi is too busy to pay close attention to your fitting details.



I notice if someone else has been in the programing.



Of course, all Audi’s will notice, even if a self programmer saves the original Audi’s settings and restores them before returning to the Audi. The database and hearing aids won’t match even though the settings are exactly the same.

But so what? It’s my hearing loss. It’s my hearing aids. I’m the boss, not the Audi :wink:



If it were me, and I’m not and audiologist, I’m a dispenser, I would want you to fill me in on what reasons you changed it, and what you changed. Yes its yours but some people would start increasing the cost of your office visit. Me, I’m a dummy and actually let one sweet little old lady come in for adjustments probably three to four times a week until I figured she was lonely and complained so she had someplace to visit. She also visited 3 other hearing aid places, post offices, stores,lol



Yeah, whatever works. I do place a high value the original Audi settings especially with REM and I use that as a basis for any of my own settings.

I always reset my settings back to the original Audi settings before I return (if I were to ever return, I don’t) as a precaution to eliminate any disagreements.

Some self-programmers have a co-operative relationship with their Audis. Yep, whatever works.



I moved forward with it after talking with my audiologist who I have a great relationship with. I’m still purchasing my Marvels through them and will see them regularly for check-ups, adjustments and of course for any repairs or issues. I’m a programmer/hacker/tinkerer and I really enjoy getting to know all of the in’s and out’s of the software, options, etc. I’ve taken all of the Phonak courses that were offered to make sure I understand as best as I can. After spending thousands on hearing aids, a little $250 box didn’t seem very expensive to me.

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Did you purchase from an individual or is this a place where I could buy one too?



Right off of ebay! It arrived brand new in the box and the hook-up was so easy. The guy I bought it from is sold out, but here is a similar listing:



It will take the place of the noalink and/or Hi-pro for aids that are capable of being programed with the noahlink wireless. Go to noah and they should have a list of compatible aids that it will with. Hopefully the one you just received isn’t stolen.Good luck



What was your experience with programming the Marvels? I too have a NoahLink Wireless. I’ve fine tuned my Quattros extensively, and hope to do the same with my Marvel 13-T’s that are arriving soon. I’ve got the Target 6.0.1 software.



I haven’t done any programming yet while I’m still in my trial. I just did a single connection to verify everything was working with the hardware/software side of things. I’ve taken all of the courses offered on Audiology Online for the Marvel and for Phonak to learn all about how things work, and this isn’t my first set of hearing aids. I’m excited to get in there and spend some additional time in particular with regards to the usage logs, recommendations from the software, etc.



I updated Phonak Target from 6.01 to 6.02 today.
In 6.02 the T-models are integrated.
Has anyone received Marvel T in the meantime and programmed with HiPro?




Marvel T should be orderable in Germany from 11.03. onwards.




Can anyone provide me with a working link to download the Phonak Target 6.0 software, so that I can use my Noahlink wireless device to program my new Phonak Audeo Marvel M90R hearing aids? I would really appreciate it !!!

Thanks, John



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