Self Programming the Phonak Marvel

What was your experience with programming the Marvels? I too have a NoahLink Wireless. I’ve fine tuned my Quattros extensively, and hope to do the same with my Marvel 13-T’s that are arriving soon. I’ve got the Target 6.0.1 software.

I haven’t done any programming yet while I’m still in my trial. I just did a single connection to verify everything was working with the hardware/software side of things. I’ve taken all of the courses offered on Audiology Online for the Marvel and for Phonak to learn all about how things work, and this isn’t my first set of hearing aids. I’m excited to get in there and spend some additional time in particular with regards to the usage logs, recommendations from the software, etc.

I updated Phonak Target from 6.01 to 6.02 today.
In 6.02 the T-models are integrated.
Has anyone received Marvel T in the meantime and programmed with HiPro?


Marvel T should be orderable in Germany from 11.03. onwards.


Can anyone provide me with a working link to download the Phonak Target 6.0 software, so that I can use my Noahlink wireless device to program my new Phonak Audeo Marvel M90R hearing aids? I would really appreciate it !!!

Thanks, John

Latest Marvel Firmware?

Does anyone know what the latest firmware number is for the Marvels as of July 1, 2019? (NOT the Target software - I’m asking about the HA firmware version themselves.)

I believe it is

Indeed, is the latest for the moment


I’'m a longtime self programming. I currently have Oticon’s but I’m anticipating buying the phonak aids from Costco shortly. Before I do, I’d like to get the Target software. I’ve been unable to find it online. Can you steer me in the right direction?



Take a look at the “How to find fitting software” thread. In it find the last person who requested Target software. Post there that you are sending them a PM for Target.

Thanks very much. I now have the latest update

Please be ready to help the next requester.

Did you get a link? Looking for Target 5 or later. Thanks

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Does anybody know the details and share with us how to tweek with the gain curves and the various options (e.g. SoundRecover2, TK/Gain 35db etc.) inside the Target software?

Use the tutorials on Target. Also use Phonakpro website.
Using the search function on this forum is a pain but very helpful if you take the time.
Your question is so big it’s hard to explain.
Make sure you save your fitting session before making changes. I add a client to do changes and try new things. Always have the original to go back to if needed.


My Experience with Self Programming

I purchased a pair of rechargeable phonak marvel 50s from a supplier in India off of Amazon.

Was it risky? Yes, but this guy had the best price, bar none. $1800 for the pair with a TV transmitter. Arrived within 2 weeks. And that’s after it went fhru some Indian Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. So not bad. You get everything in the box - cleaner kit, egg charger, cases, domes, etc… Everything, except a valid warranty card. But what do you expect for $1800 dollars?

I asked my regular audi if she could program them for me. Got a big old NOPE, cause you didnt buy them from me.

So i bit down and bought the Noahlink Wireless off of Ebay for $225 from someone in HK. That made it to my place in San Diego within 3 days. Not bad.

Then it took me a few days to get the Target software up and running. You’ll need a windows pc for that.
Now the fun starts. I used the furnished domes, which were the vented type. I couldn’t hear a bloody thing and thought I had made a BIG F’in mistake. Then I did some research and realized I needed power domes b/c I have about 30% or so of normal hearing. I was worried when I first saw how small the aids were, thinking there is no way these guys can put out the power I need. Was I ever wrong. I got the medium size domes and reprogrammed the aids. Note: go with the small size domes if you feel any discomfort. They are sourced thru Ebay.

Programming is pretty straight forward. Just click around and get to know the software and all of the various options it affords. You’ll have it down in no time. Hardest part is linking up the aids. Trick there is to turn them off, then on while the software is running.

Now did I get the programming down right away? No sirree. Then again, what audiologist ever does the 1st time around. What I did at first was bring my prior set of aids with me to work in case the programming I set-up was not effective. After the first few programming attempts, I got the hang of it and started to tweak the parameters after being in different listening environments - meetings, out on the construction site, speaking directly with women, that sort of thing.

After wearing them for about 4 months, I realized that something still wasn’t right b/c I wasn’t picking up on everything that was being said. So I decided to start a completely new profile and this time around when taking the real ear tests, I did not click the space bar until I heard the audible beeps crisp and clear. No more ‘guessing’ if I heard the beep at the various frequencies. This time around I didn’t press enter and move on until I affirmatively heard each of the beeps clearly, not just faintly.

WOW, what a difference. I didn’t need to do any tweaking at all after that. And this time I set-up the (3) available pre-programmed listening options. That is essential. The autosound works ok, but when you know you are in a unique listening environment, clicking thru the programs really helps. No more echos in church, I can zoom in on conversations in a loud environment, and I can really cut out loud machinery background noise in another setting.

So there you have it. Patience and persistence pays off. It will be frustrating at first, but in the end, these Marvels are the best thing out there. No wearing some stupid necklace to use the bluetooth feature. The TV transmitter is absolutely incredible. What’s really neat is that the optic cable fits into the same port as the headset wiring cable. Now that’s nifty. Use the optical cable if your TV supports it.

Now its only been like 5 months since I started wearing these aids. Has anything gone wrong with them? Only on two occasions, both which were corrected by holding down the toggle for an extended period to essential do a ‘clean reboot’ is what I call it. Remember silicon wafers are not perfect materials, they are semi-conductors. Just like your computer freezes up, so will these hearing aids, but it’s far and few between.

I highly recommend these hearing aids. They are state of the art, downright affordable, tiny yet powerful, and easy to program. It’s not for the faint of heart to do it on your own though. I’m just a stubborn cheap Irish mule who makes a thousand mistakes before getting anything right. Just learn and move on.

So if your are having difficulty, please feel free to reach out. I will try to help if I can.

Thank you for reading this overly long review, I hope it is helpful to someone out there.


The post is long but easy to read. Thanks for sharing.
It will sure help others starting out.

It sounds like you ended up with the best fit using Audiogram Direct with very little tweaking in the gain/MPO area.

You mentioned using the manual programs to improve hearing situations rather than using AutoSense. One of the tuff things about AutoSense is figuring out which program AutoSense is in at any given time. By using manual programs you can learn about each of the AutoSense programs to better tune them for actually using AutoSense.
Sorry for the ramble.

Congratulations on your Phonak Audeo M50 adventure.

Great detailed report!
I think it is useful not only for those who are still considering a current purchase, but also for anyone considering self-programming in the future.
Even those like myself who are presently leaving all the fitting and programming to their present place of purchase, but have a natural DIY bent, may not be ruling out self-programming their aids starting at some point.
Thanks very much!


You are correct. Meant to reference AutoSense, not AutoSound.

Also, my experience is that AutoSense takes awhile to really learn your various listening environments. Until that time, it will switch between different listening modes which can get annoying. But it seems to ‘learn’ over time. At least I think it does. I would like to applaud all of those who worked so diligently hard to develop the technology and algorithms that went into these Marvel aids. Thank you, thank you, and thank you a million times over. I am now 48 yrs old. Been wearing aids since I was five. I can honestly say that these Marvels are the first set of aids that has truly allowed me to more fully participate in life. Been a long journey, but worth it in the end.

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Good information, thanks

Thank you for your inspiring story. I have been self-programming my Audeo Marvel 90s for a little over a year. I am still learning and tweaking. I had been using fairly new Costco HAs (Phonak) for several months. I believe I had a good fitting at Costco, the best I had experienced (my 4th pair of HAs) but after about six months I thought I could better but it was too late to return them (nice to have spares, anyway). I visited the branch of a regional provider where the audiologist suggested Marvels and offered a trial pair. The aids were great from the start but I wanted to tweak them as. I had been an audio enthusiast for years. So I bought Noahlink Wireless and installed Target to see how difficult it would be. I didn’t want to alter the audiologist’s fitting on the trial pair but did copy it into Target. I wanted to buy the aids but couldn’t afford the $7000+ price and the lowest the audiologist would go was $6000 ($500/month), so I returned them. After a couple of months back with the Costco Phonaks, I knew I wanted Marvels and took a chance and bought a pair of M90s on eBay. I paid $2900, including a Square Trade policy, not the lowest price I could find, but I felt more comfortable ordering a pair from Japan as opposed to, say, Cyprus. They arrived in about three weeks, already programmed but poorly, so I installed the fitting from the trial HAs. I have tweaked the programming a little at a time over the past 14 months with success and it has been fun. The audiologist is willing to work with me on an hourly basis so I have some backup if I need it.