Self-programming - NOAHLink vs HiPro

Hello everyone

I am finally going down the self-programming route.

I have been offered a used hi-pro usb and a used NoahLink, noahlink being considerably cheaper (c. 230 USD).

I would be using this to program my resound aleras and bernafon brites (if I ever find the bernafon software, that is).

Question: Are there any disadvantages to buying a NoahLink vs hi-pro usb?


Stability vs speed. The noah link will probably be capable of faster connection, provided the bluetooth dongle/profile, battery and kernel firmware are all happy and your manufacturer software can ‘see’ it. The USB hi-pro will be a bit slower and need a longer connecting wire; but by and large the connection will be reliable.

I ditched my Noah Link three years ago and now run with a combination of manufacturer’s own wireless dongles/I-com on a USB hub and a couple of Hi-pro.

Some people I know use them all the time, but mine was flakey under certain conditions. The difference in price tells you quite a lot about the desirability of two products designed essentially to do the same job.

This belongs in DIY area.