Self Programming - Computer Output Volume Level?

Hi All,

When I’m doing a home test to program my hearing aids, what volume level should the ‘host’ be set to, as in, is there a general output volume that is used to perform the beep test via headphones?

Are you maybe asking (When doing a home test to determine if I have a hearing loss)?

Because (doing a home test to program your hearing aids) is in-situ audiogram where you hear the beeps in your hearing aid (for each frequency and for each ear), and then you decide by clicking when each beep is audible.

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Sorry, I mean when I’m creating an audiogram for myself using ( is the a specific volume level I should set the headphones to?

I then use this audiogram and enter the details into the programming software.

Your better off using in-situ as already mentioned, you can then program your HAs to suit.
What brand of HAs are you using.

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I’m using Resound Quattro 9s

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Ok cool, ReSound SmartFit is really easy to use, give it a go and see what you think.

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Thankyou I’ll do that

Great advice thanks - I’ll do this!