Self-programming Bernafon Zerena 9

Thanks to @pvc I’ve managed to find the fitting software and some details on programming the Bernafon Zerena 9 wirelessly. It looks like I need to buy a FittingLink 3, EXPRESSlink3 or a NOAHlink.

Looking at your original post here:

I need to buy either a NOAHlink or an Airlink 2 which, as you say in the above post, are the same thing. I’ve found a NOAHlink Wireless on ebay (posted from Korea) but does anyone know a more local (to the UK) supplier for a NOAHlink/Airlink 2, FittingLink 3 or an EXPRESSlink 3 would be helpful.

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You may be the Trail Blazer for self-programming the Bernafon Zerena and we wish you success.

Hmmmmm; you may want to think about this some more. I don’t think that you can update the hearing aid firmware via wireless. You may need a wired programming device (mini Pro/Hi Pro) for that because Oticon (which is Bernafon’s parent company has this requirement).

Maybe if you have an Audi or (Costco fitter) to do HA firmware updates then it doesn’t matter?

Good point, thanks. I would rather have complete control over the whole process so I will look into wired options.

I will also need to get copies of my audiogram from the current supplier. Can anyone tell me if there is a common file format that I should ask for, or is it best just to take a photo and then ‘re-draw’ the chart in the software?

How to read an audiogram.

See Tips in forum support to enter that audiogram.

To avoid confusion over names see the following link for the correct name of this device;
Noah, NOAHlink, or Noahlink Wireless.

A quick update from this end. I can confirm that firmware is only update-able via a wired connection. The assistant used a “Hi-Pro 2” to do this.

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