Self programming and hacking with Phonak Audéo B range

I’ve recently downloaded iPFG with a mind to exploring the capabilities of my hearing aids and perhaps extending them. I was disappointed to see that my model doesn’t seem to be supported by Phonak’s own software.
As these aids cost a significant sum of money, I’m quite concerned about this. Other, more general purpose and complex devices that I own (phones, computers etc) are both cheaper and have an endless range of software for adjustment and development. I find the idea of having a device inside my body that I cannot control quite unsettling.
It’d cheer me up a great deal if somebody could point me towards an open source library or software that can talk to these devices, otherwise perhaps somebody can suggest a device that is more amenable to user control and I can kick myself for not doing my research well enough, sell these and move on?

iPFG is for old legacy hearing aids. You need Target for newer/current hearing aids.

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Ah, that sounds promising. Do you know where I can get it?

Yes, but you are posting in the wrong category. This should be in DIY category.

Thank you, I’ll bear that in mind in future.

I flagged this post to move it to the DIY category.