Self programme Audeo B90 312 Phonak


Dear All,

Did anyone tried Self Programming of Phonak HA. After many Repeated attempts with Audiologist and not fully satisfied with Output. I myself want to give a try with various setting, right sitting in those environment where i found it really challenging.

is this Self configureable and easy to Configure ?
Where Can i get downloads for Phonak Target Software & Which version is latest one ?
What Accessories are required in order to do it ?
is there any User manual available on Self programme Guidance ?
Any Experts on this forum ?

Many thanks




I do it. I am getting good results. I can try minor changes over and over until it is just right.



I self program my Phonaks and have been since 2011.

You’re better of getting the Phonak iCube II and Phonak Target 6.0 Software.



Seems to me that would be ignoring an industry trend where most manufacturer-specific/proprietary wireless programming devices (including Phonak’s i Cube II) are being abandoned in favor of the industry standard Noahlink Wireless or ReSound’s Airlink 2, (same device).

Oh, maybe not in this case because the Audeo B90 can’t use NoahLink Wireless after looking at Product Information Phonak Audeo B PDF on Page4 .

But Phonak quit using i Cube II with the Phonak Marvel.