Self-impression kit America Hears

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I’m looking for a hearing aid and a friend of mine told me the aids of America Hears are affordable and the image of the company is quite reputable. So I had a look at the homepage and the process of purchasing the aids. They say that I can make the impression of my ear by myself with a self-impression kit but it’s not indicated how that works in detail.

Do anybody have ever made such a self-impression?

Thanks a lot for your responses!

Do yourself a favor, pay a audi or a HIs to take an impresion of your ear,

an impresion is critical for a good hearing aid fitting…

Having seen what happens when an ear impression goes wrong (like the ruptureand or removal of an eardrum), I would not at all recommend self-impression.

Not to mention that xbulder is exactly correct, that the physical fit of the mold is critical and an inaccurate impression will cause problems.

I agree that you should have an audiologist do the impressions for you. With my first America Hears BTEs, I drove up to Bristol PA to check them out, and one of the staff members did the impressions (and did a great job). I also got another set of acrylic molds done by my regular audie for $125, and they fit well too.

Interestingly, America Hears kept the molds, and when I decided to order in the ear aids, they were able to use the original molds; those were the aids I was wearing until last summer, when I went with open fit bte’s, and they fit great too.

now a days most earmolds are scaned and the files are store in the PC… this is the standart…
physical ear impressions do shrink…

Echo: By all means have a pro do the molds. If you make your own be aware that too much goop pressure will push the goop past the cotton stopper and then look out. It could press against the drum and then getting the mold out could rupture the drum. Even a pro can make that mistake…it actually happened to me. Years ago an excellent experienced Aud D had a difficult time getting my mold out without rupturing my eardrum. Ed

Seriously, you could also save money on dentistry by removing one of your teeth with pliers.

Most hearing professionals are not going to charge that much to take impressions of your ears.

If you mess up the process you could end up with impression material stuck in your ear, or you could even potentially rupture your ear drum. Even if you don’t hurt yourself, if you do the tiniest thing wrong, the aids will not fit comfortably in your ear. You then have to get the aids remade and go through the impression process all over again.

I’ve been taking aural impressions since 1993, and I would not be especially comfortable with the idea of taking a self impression.

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there is a general consesus regarding this issue

have an expereince Audi or his take the impresion 4 U