Self experimentation and I have non-measured but noticeable hearing improvement

Any chance one of the first things you do in the morning is have a cup of coffee or tea? (Which resolves the mild caffeine withdrawal that was aggravating the tinnitus.)

I do eventually have some tea, but the elevated tinnitus is right when I awaken. It fades slowly.

One cup of green followed by one cup of black. I like both, but if I drink the black first, the green is a let-down.

Sometimes if I get up in the middle of the night to urinate, the tinnitus is quite loud. Most of the times it’s not.

It has always been variable. At first I tried to figure it out, checking things like atmospheric pressure, foods I’ve eaten, sunny/cloudy day, etc., but could never find a pattern.

Since I started taking the taurine, I no longer have days when it shouts at me, and I have very many more quiet (or almost quiet) days.

The tinnitus doesn’t bother me anymore. Most of the time I just ignore it when it sings to me. No sense letting it get to me.

Later in the day I have come coffee, usually after lunch.


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Just to clarify, I am suggesting that the tea makes the tinnitus better, not worse.

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Hmm, tea makes it better? Is it the caffeine? Or something else in the tea?

I haven’t noticed my hearing being better in the morning. If it is, it’s not obvious.

I’m definitely understanding speech better now - with my aids in.

I listened to some talk radio (Fresh Air with Terry Gross) today and could understand 90% of what she and her guest was saying. This is a milestone, I haven’t been able to understand the radio in a long time. I was taking my wife to pick her car up at the mechanics.

The cause of my hearing loss is different from most people. I have an allergy to dust mites. I went through 4 cases of SSNHL before the second opinion doctor got it.

First attack one dose of prednisone. Second time 2 doses. Third time on increasing steroids for 4 months. Fourth time with another doctor antihistamines.

At home we did the dust mite barrier procedure (even had the soft chairs recovered with a barrier sewn in), got rid of carpets and drapes, and keep a supply of Chinese herbs and USA antihistamines in case I get an attack.

The way I understand it is the inflammation response’s tissue swelling cut off the blood supply to my inner ear.

In the decades since, I’ve added some normal aging high frequency diminished response.

As a musician I have always used audiologist fitted special musician’s high-fidelity ear plugs to protect my ears from anything over 85dba. And then the dust mites got me. Sometimes you can’t win :frowning:

Anyway, either the red light or the peanuts or something unknown is helping my hearing. I’m overjoyed about that.


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It’s the caffeine. Or, more specifically, it’s the resolution of mild caffeine withdrawal. Caffeine consumption is largely driven by withdrawal-avoidance. Habitual caffeine users no long get the “up” from coffee (or tea) so much as they get a “down” from not-coffee which then resolves to baseline with that morning cuppa (though, I know it doesn’t feel that way). Caffeine withdrawal is sort of insidiously mild–makes you feel a little tired, cranky, headachey, almost not enough to notice that anything is going on other than a bit of a bad day. But it’s enough to be a mild physiological stressor on the body, and anything that stresses the body will increase perceived tinnitus volume.

In caffeine-naive individuals, caffeine doesn’t do one thing or another to tinnitus. Caffeine itself doesn’t aggravate tinnitus. Quitting it can make things worse for a while, however.

I’d say it would be interesting to move the timing of your tea to see how that impacts the tinnitus, except that it is generally a bad idea to pay attention to your tinnitus at all. Running experiments that call for you to check on it won’t make it quieter. :laughing:


I think I have slow caffeine metabolism (or so I deduce from things I’ve read). It has never been a pick me up drink from the first cup. I can drink a couple of cups of coffee in the evening and go to sleep with no problem.

I usually drink a couple of cups of tea in the morning, then a cup of coffee after lunch and sometimes another cup of tea or coffee in the evening. Other than that it’s a lot of water and an occasional glass of wine. I quit sodas and other sweet drinks decades ago. I don’t know if they have anything to do with my ears, but I dropped a lot of excess weight.

I’m paying attention to my tinnitus, now that it’s mentioned, and I have the slightest hiss I actually have to strain to hear in a quiet room.

With me it was the addition of 3 grams of the amino acid Taurine that did it.

I read about it, got 3 months worth, and thought it wasn’t working until the 3 months were over and I stopped taking it. The return to more tinnitus was quick and settled back down as soon as I returned.

I wish everything worked that well.

My wife was listening to public radio yesterday and I understood almost every word. Unfortunately it was the news :wink:

I’m tapering the peanuts off. Trying to see if it was the peanuts or the red light. Besides there is a lot of salt in the peanuts, and although I enjoy them, it shouldn’t be an every day food. I like to keep my blood pressure under 120 and I do that diet instead of drugs. I watch how foods and other things affect me.



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