Self-Adjusting My Marvel M-50R Aids

In August 2019 I bought Phonak Marvel M-50R’s from an online dealer called Zip Hearing. The purchase included the aids plus fitting and follow-ups for 6 weeks. I got the aids, had them fitted, completed the trial period with about 4 follow-up visits and have been wearing them for around 12-16 a day since.

Since I bought them online, any follow-up visits will cost me additional dollars (part of the reason they cost so much less). After reading this forum since my purchase, I decided to go the route of self-adjustment. So I got the Target software and a Noahlink Wireless to connect them.

So far I have just paired them in Target, saved the fitting session and am beginning to try tweaking them myself under a new client. First, I increased the target to 100% and have tried that for a week with good results.

Today, I adjusted up the high frequency in my right aid to more closely match the left ear because, initially, I had asked the audi to bring it down. I now realize that what I was hearing as noise I now perceive as normal sounds. So for 6 months my right ear hearing sounded lower than my left. Now, after just a short time it sounds nearly equal. Yey!

I am excited to be able to begin to tweak my aids to better match my hearing loss. I know I have a lot to learn yet and this forum certainly helps. Thanks for all the great posts!


Small changes and wait, be patient.
To prove the left/right thing take an aid out for a while. Then do the other for a while. Most people would be surprised at how different they are.


Thanks for sharing your experience.