Seimens Centra SP

I went to see a new audiologist through hearing planet and I was really pleased unlike my other audiologist who would PUSH phonak hearing aids on me only…because they get profit out of it. Anyways…I was recommended the seimens centra SP for me, so I ordered them and will have it for 45 day trial basis. I’m getting them friday…can anyone please tell me how it is, the positives and negatives about it?

I believe Hearing planet is owned by Siemens…
thus their preference…

However, siemens is the #1 company (market share) out there…
So, centra is their high end instrument THEREFORE you should be quite fine…

I got them Friday Morning! So far, I absolutely LOVE it! It definitely is very high powered…I usually wear hearing aids with high power, but this definitely beats them all so far. Blows Naida out of the park in my oppinion SO Far…

So far, I love how the music sounds to me. That was a big deal to me…and honestly, music couldn’t sound any more beautiful to me. The 16 channels does make a difference.

Today for first time, with people still talking to me (like behind my back or when I am not reading lips) there were certain times where I actually understood them without having to read their lips. I’m still trying to understand how the aids work with the voices and sounds…but its sounding louder and clearer…

The only negative I have so far is that sometimes when I brush my hair back behind ears here and there, i accidently move the volume dial which gets annoying…I dont understand why they didnt use a volume button.

I’ll keep you updated with more info on the Centra SP’s as time goes on!

Here’s a new update…everything is still working really great with them. Alot of close people are telling me that I am speaking clearer. I’ve also noticed that I definitely pick up on alot more, especially with people talking so far away in the house. I can hear alot better with people calling out out my name or people having a conversation in another room in the house. Ive been told that usually they have to repeat calling my name out to get my attention but lately it takes them only one time and I hear alot better. Ive also noticed that when they are talking to me from so far and I am not reading their lips, I can understand several things that they are saying which is a first for me.

The only negative so far is that sometimes some sounds appear so loud especially if a person is speaking so loudly next to me, it seems to echo in my head and makes me feel dizzy. Maybe the gain is up a little too high so I will discuss this with my audi at my check up appt on friday and see what happens. Anyone ever had this echo problem before?

I like my Siemens Centra P Hearing aids and I have them for two years. It has been improving understanding speech and block the background noise from loud noise.


Hi grkbella03,

You mention that Centra are great for music. Do you have feedback control turned on for any of your programs, and if so does music sound reasonably ok in them too? In particular, does it sound in tune?

Music never sounded any better to me as it does now…Centra is absolutely amazing. I have 3 programs…universal, background reduction and tv/music. I usually switch to tv/music when listening to music and it is much louder, clearer and very in tune. U can definitely hear the 16 channels this aids offer. I would definitely suggest these aids if you want it mostly to hear music good.

The only negative I have so far is that sometimes when I brush my hair back behind ears here and there, i accidently move the volume dial which gets annoying…I dont understand why they didnt use a volume button.

Get your Audi to disable the volume controls and get a remote control for volume changes if this continues to be a problem would be my advice.

The discount chain Costco carries a line of HAs by Rexton, which are essentially Siemens Centra products minus 2 channels and a slight amount of range on two other signal processing characteristics. The price is about 40% less. I’m considering these for my son, who is about to get his 3rd set of HAs.

Costco also carries HAs by GN Resound and Interton. Any feedback?

I am new here nevertheless, whan I saw the “Centra SP” I thought I would through my 2 cents worth out here. I am wearing my Centra SP now. I have had this Centra SP over a year now. I like it and it sound’s good. I also have a Phoenix 313 and The Intuis SP. I only wear 1 aid, so the Intuis and Phoenix 313 are back up aids. I was alternating between the intuis and the Centra SP, nevertheless, I need a new ear mold for the Intuis SP. I found these aids on E-bay,- brand new,- for very good prices

What I do not likeabout these aids is the incompatibily to blue tooth, re; why cant the blue tooth reciver be built in to the aid? yes I tried the DAI, nevertheless was not happy with the design and the dai shorted out on the first day I used it.

I lost one of my old Siemens Infinity SP+ hearing aids. They did me well for several years although they were not high tech. I have also had the Phonak MicroPowers V for about a year and a half and even though they were quite expensive, I found myself using the old Infinity more often.

The other day I got my replacement, the Siemens Intuis SP. The audi works primarily with Siemens and he knows how to program them. They sound very similar to the Infinity but are more powerful. I may have to have him tweak the gain as a loud sound is quite loud. These are not high tech aids either but I think that with my severe to profound loss, the addition of many channels is useless as I can’t use them. The Intuis was half the price of the Phonaks and I like them better. The only problem is that even with them turned all the way down I still hear through them. The only way to silence them is to open the battery compartment. I wish they had an on off button like my Infinity had.

All in all, I think the Intuis is a winner, at least for me.