Seimans 7BX: Headphones vs Easy Tek

I recently tried a pair of Bose Bluetooth Sound link on ear headphones with my HAs in place. The sound is fantastic and comfort great. They have a button that connects and switches from music to cell phone calls and the charge lasts 15 hours (they also have a cable port and included cable). Cost is the same for Bose and Easy Tek. Bone conduction headphones would let in outside noise as would the Easy Tek I think. Has anyone Tried the Bose headphones with any similar hearing aids and is there any big advantage to the Easy Tek? As I remember it needs an interface to use with a TV. I am helping my my husband with his Christmas shopping ideas.

The easyTek can be used with your TV by adding the Tek Transmitter. There’s also an easyTek app for iOS and Android which allows you to change programs and volume, mute the hearing aids, adjust microphone focus, and access tinnitus and bass/treble controls.

The EasyTek also gives you hands-free phone calls, since it has a mic in it. Works well even when under your clothing. I have been using mine inside my shirt, with my winter coat zipped up, and my wife says she hears me fine.

For music, the EasyTek will let in outside noise, but your audi can control how much. I have my mics turned down, but not off, for Bluetooth streaming. I want to hear a little bit what’s going on around me, but I want the music to overpower that. You can even have the mics turned off during streaming, but I’m sure you’ll still get some leakage.

The App lets you mute the aids as Rasmus pointed out, but you can also mute them from the EasyTek itself by pressing both volume buttons simultaneously. I find that very handy at work.

You didn’t say if you BOUGHT the Bose or just tried them out. If you bought them, they will likely be your go-to headset from now on. Think of the Easy Tek as a CONTROLLER for your hearing aids that can double as a blue tooth monitor for TV and cell phone. The ET will do all it’s jobs well, but those Bose headphones only have one job, delivering great sound, and that’s where they will beat the ET every day.

While I do believe it is POSSIBLE to tune hearing aids to give the rich, deep sound that headset users like, it will likely take dozens of trial and error trips to your audie to accomplish anything close, and since open fit hearing aids allow sound to leak out, they still won’t compare to any over-the-ear headphones in rich quality sound.

The two things I find intolerable with my mini-tek as a streamer are:
1.) Very finicky signal from the tek to the aids. The blue tooth signal from the TV to the tek is more than adequate, but the signal from the tek to my aids is so finicky that just moving my head will cause one ear or the other to cut in and out, even when wearing the tek around my neck.
2.) Loud commercials (when are they going to outlaw that!) and louder tracks in the program (gun fights, chase scenes, angry voices, etc) are painful and not quickly dealt with since the tek requires multiple button pushes to adjust volume, and because the sound is so deep in your ears.

In the best situation, you should own BOTH the easy tek and the Bose headset. The ET will add much more functionality to your hearing aids and should be considered an integral part of the hearing aid package, but you’ll likely find more comfortable listening and better sound quality from the Bose headset, with the advantage of NOT running down your Siemens batteries while listening to music or watching movies.

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