Security at airport

Anyone know the policy as you pass through security for hearing aids - do they have to inspect them or have you remove them. Is it allowed to carry extra batteries on your person? Is the x-ray equipment safe for the aids etc ?

See these sites:

“For personal use, there is generally no restriction on the number of spare batteries allowed in carry-on baggage. This is the case for cell phone batteries, “hearing aid” button cells, and AA batteries/AAA batteries available in retail stores, as well as almost all standard laptop computer batteries.”

Happy trails!

Thank you for your response, the web sites were a great help - as I know it will be to others.

you are certainly welcome! I fly at least every 4 months and never leave with out checking this site! Rules, regulations and procedures change too frequently!

I thank you too … I’m heading out this coming Monday to train new clients in using my software. Figured I’d probably get arrested walking thru security with the myPilot in hand and the iCom around my neck :rolleyes: “NO REALLY … they ARE a remote control and a Blue-tooth for my hearing aids!!” :smiley: I guess I can go relaxed now. Flying to Portland, OR and driving up into Washington from there. California didn’t shake enough for me, so I’m going to spend 2 weeks at the base of a volcano :rolleyes:

Keep in mind that TSA (airport security) are probably the last people to read the website. :rolleyes: Here is what I do with my carry on….

I organize my bag with any “questionable” items on top to make them the most accessible.
I keep all electronic items in a pouch all their own – I use a man’s toiletries kit for most things; cords, batteries, chargers, cables, things that don’t require a lot of padding or protection. ANYTHING metal goes in this bag. If you pack these Items in multiple pouches it takes 10 times as long to search.
Another nice feature of a single pouch… if I’m asked to check my bag at plane-side, I just pull out the bag with my electronics if I’m afraid of it being squished.
ALL toiletries in a zip-lock bag – just one trial size tube of hand cream results in discussion. :rolleyes:
I always leave a little room in my bag and cases. When TSA “tosses” an over-stuffed case, it’s inevitable the stuff will never fit in the same case.

Remember, you can ask to be searched in a private setting – behind a wall or in a separate room. Of course, this doesn’t apply to NeilK… he’ll have all the security guy’s wowed :eek: by all the cool things he can do with his techno-gadgets and bionic hearing! :cool: :smiley:

You got it … he with the most toys … :smiley: :smiley: In my techie world, that rules! I make my techie cohorts jealous that they ain’t half deaf too. :smiley: