Second try

Yesterday, I was assessed for a hearing implant at the Emmeline Centre Sawston medical centre Cambridge.

As always the two people I saw, were very kind and helpful. But unfortunately, once again I can hear too well. I scored 69% on the speech discrimination test. Had it been 55% or below, I would have been a candidate for an implant.

However, the journey was not wasted. I learned quite a lot about the cause of my hearing distortion, and that I have an ear infection in the canal, which need looking at by an ENT doctor. This could also be the cause of the pain I get from dry skin, when I put the ear moulds in.

Should my hearing become worse in the next six months, I can go straight back to them. If longer, then a referral from my local hospital.

Glad you learned about the ear infection.
How did this testing score compare to other test scores?

Was your speech discrimination test in quiet or in noise?
Can you ask for in noise If not in noise?

Hi Raudrive.

The speech test was in quiet. I can’t remember what my score was last time.

I don’t know if you can ask for anything different, but I had a test where thy play beeps in a rushing noise. This is to keep one ear busy. I could only hear a few of the beeps, so not sure of that result.

The audiologist would have liked me to see their ENT doctor about the infection, but could not give me a date. it’s a long way to go. so I am going to e-mail the local hospital and see what they can do.

I know it’s a very frustrating feeling to just miss getting a CI. My first evaluation had me just not quite having bad enough hearing to get CI’s. At the time my word recognition was 4% in my right ear and 8% in my left ear but I had 60 something % sentence understanding in quiet with an aid. They were floored I could do that well with an aid.

Life in this situation is nerve racking trying to hear anything. I got a second opinion implant evaluation and this audiologist found both ears to be implant candidates. That was in the fall last year. I now have two implants and am actually beginning to relax about hearing. Amazing technology.

Testing in noise is the biggie for many. Not sure how things are done where you live.
Good luck

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Hi Raudrive.

Hearing is certainly complicated. They called my hearing “ clever hearing” using sound going via the skull. I remember my bone conduction test has always been very poor, so I am surprised.

It must be wonderful to hear voices, and understand what is being said.