Second Set of VA Hearing Aids

Hi Everyone:

I’m new to this forum and getting ready to get my second set of hearing aids. I was diagnosed with tinnitus and a moderate high frequency hearing loss in 2009. Based on my VA audiologist’s recommendation, I got a set of Phonak Excelia Art BTEs. I had a few quality control issues with them, particularly with the My Pilot control device and eventually the hearing aids stopped working altogether. I quit wearing them out of frustration.

A few years later and I find myself eligible for my second pair of hearing aids. My hearing has gotten worse - now I have a mild low frequency and moderately severe high frequency loss - and I have decided to become better educated about hearing aids. I checked the VA contract list and my first choice is the ReSound Verso TS. I particularly like the idea that I can control the hearing aids through an app that is available for my iPhone. My second choice is either the Siemens Aquarus or Pure. I don’t like the fact that the control app for those hearing aids is only available for Android phones but that’s not a dealbreaker. My third choice is the Starkey Xino Tinnitus. One private audiologist friend of mine says their tinnitus technology is the best in the business (she thinks the rest of them are sales gimmicks) and the brand enjoys a good reputation among my fellow vets. Again, the downside is no control options via my iPhone.

Didn’t see anything from Oticon or Phonak that impressed me and I’m a little sour on Phonak after my experience with the Excelias.

Are these good choices or are there others I should be considering? Are the tinnitus technology solutions advertised by the various makers any good? Thanks for any advice and I know I didn’t post an audiogram as some have suggested to others here but I didn’t have one available at the moment.

Incidentally, sorry about the duplicate post elsewhere on this forum. I thought my first one hadn’t taken and I can’t seem to be able to delete the duplicate.