Second fitting for Phonak Exelia Art Micro at VA

Today I went to the VA for the second fitting of my Phonak Exelia Art Micros. I noticed that the audi is using Noah with the iPFG inside it some way. And the iCube. The REM she used last time was a Verifit audioScan. She has an array of other equipment including a Hi-pro and 2 other boxes that look similar.

My highs are too high and speech in noise doesn’t work, but she didn’t want to change anything yet, too soon she says. She did tweak the occlusion feeling for my own voice a little, but it is still there some. There was none in her office during the first visit. After about 5 days it started getting worst and worse. Today with one little click, in her office it was gone. At home it is coming back some. Too bad they don’t do fittings in real world noise! and reflecting sound rooms.

She did get me a MyPilot remote. We set the 4 auto programs as the manual programs 2 thru 5 with the ZoomControl still number 1. I couldn’t tell which of the auto progs the HAs were in when I had trouble hearing so we set them that way so I could help decide where changes might need to be made.
Most of the time the auto programs, SoundFlow, seem to take care of me. I am really pleased with the results so far.

But, I wish I could program them my self, I don’t understand what is possible and she is so sure she ‘got it right’ the first try. There are so many switches in the iPFG, some of them must make watching movies better.

Of course the acoustic seal (or lack of seal) that the tips/molds etc. make to your canal would be one factor determining occlusion. If you vary the acoustic seal or the position of seal in the canal the occlusion could also vary. In other words the acoustic properties of what’s in your canal could vary from time-to-time (or even week-to-week) for a great variety of reasons.

You indicate that things are not stable over time. Perhaps a different mold/tip approach would be worth trying.

I have custom molds that fit the same all time, (with no wax in them hehehe, I checked).

I was wondering if others notice a gradual change in the sound of their own voice over time (two weeks).

I was more complaining that in the acoustic fitting room, the aids sound different and it is difficult to tell about any change.