Sebotek HD any reviews plus recommendations required

Hi All

New to the forum but not new to HA’s bought the best Sebotek pac on a trip to the US 5+ years back. Have been more than happy except for the usual moisture ingress issues with these units. I have just lost the thing but god bless insurance. So now on the look out for a new HA, I have a 70% loss in my left ear for speech frequencies( I haven’t got my stats but will get them), my right ear is fortunately A-OK (so far). I love music and collect high-end vintage valve hi-fi. I know Sebotek were overtaken by everyone else but does anyone know anything about their new HD range (not sure I can get them in the UK anyway). Or can anyone make any other suggestions on their exeperiences with other makes and units, rice bte preferred. I have to supply quotes to my insurance company and am looking for some unbiased opinions on where I should head, I am looking high end without going ga-ga, as after all you only live once. Just one last thought should I consider Analog for the music part of my life, although bluetooth connectivity to an apple lossless loaded i-touch or i-phone sounds interesting. I realise this is probably 4 threads in one but any thoughts or help much appreciated. Regards. Clive

Hi still hoping for answers please can anyone help. Thanks Clive

Have a look at the threads on here discussing the latest products; though without an audiogram, any idea of your spending power or where you intend to shop, a recommendation in anything other than general terms is going to be fairly meaningless.

In general terms, the top brands are Phonak, Oticon and Siemens. They are fighting
for #1. I like Exelia art or audeo from Phonak. Agil pro and vigo pro from Oticon
and Pure from siemens… Again, you need to post your audiogram…

I am also looking for opinions from Sebotek users.

I was at a new audiologist, they are the importers of Sebotek here, The HD-6 has a fair price, that I can afford. I tried it for a few minutes with minimun basic programming, it sounded quite good, it was in a crowded mall, I could here the audi talking to me without any problems, the sound was smooth. The noise reduction program was OK too.
I spoke on my cell phone and it worked great.
The HD-6 has 4 programs

I found that changing programs was not very user friendly.
They have no volume control.

In the HD-6 the programs are changed manually. In the others, ,HD-8, HD-12, HD-16, it’s done automatically.

As for analog and music, i do it when I am alone at home, I wear analog BTE and it is great, although it’s a bit complicated to change HA’s each time you want to listen to music and once you are used to some smooth HA’s (using now Starkey Axent 2 ITE) it’s hard to keep the analogs and it’s not easy if someone gets back home and then you hear every sound like if they were monsters in a film. Without any doubt analog is the best for music. Some digital BTE’s used to have an analog program (Siemens Intuis) but that’s seldom done anymore

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I wore Sebo Tec I think 712’s? maybe 22’s? I donated them or I would look. I wore them 6 years and had not complaints. I switched out of them simply because they ran out of power for my loss. Went to Rexton Cobalts 16s for 2 years and now in Siemens Pure Carets.