Sebo-Tek Pat.Lawsuit

Anybody ever hear of Sebo Tek? These were a couple of guys two years ago who patented the BTE (behind the ear) RITE (receiver in the ear) set up that’s so popular today.

They filed a patent law suit against most of the majors last year who ripped off the idea. Starkey and Siemens took out a license. Patent law suits in the US like this take years and can cost Millions in legal fees. So I’m assume Oticon, Phonak,GN Resound, and others are hoping they run out of money.

Some people think patents are unfair. I don’t. Song authors write a tune and get the rights for their life time plus 100 years. Patents last only about 17-20 years. The law changes on this so I’m not sure. Seems that’s a fair time for coming up with a new idea. The big guys claim they spend all this money on R/D yet invention like this come out of small inventors.

The growth of this design has been very high. I expect to see about 80-90% of all hearing aids in the future to be this type. Ear molds are DOA. I think what really fueled the growth was better feed back control.

Does any one in the industry know whats going on with Sebo-Tek? I have never looked at one. It’s not unusual for a small company like this to have a very difficult time. Most don’t make it.

Are you kidding me or what? I’m 47 years old. I wore hearing aids as young as a 5 year old, over 40 years ago. As a child, all I wore were BTE aids. Believe me, it’s not a new invention.

The patent lawsuit is regarding the receiver in the ear technology, not standard BTE aids. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

i heard has been settle already, they got to paid…

but open fit concepts I believe it was GN resound idea
with the Air,
Please correct me as they where the first company which came out
with such a product (not RIte instruments) just open fit…

they lost focus…

Just did a little homework, and two companies settled with Sebotek in March. It looks like the suit is still open against against Oticon, Phonak, Interton, GN-Resound and Vivatone:

Siemens settlement
Starkey settlement