Screaming Meanie Alarm Review

I travel on business and sleep in hotels fairly often. I usually need to be somewhere at a specific time in the morning, so I need an alarm that wakes me up. My experience is that hotel wake-up calls seldom work because hotel phone ringers aren’t loud enough. Similarly, the in-room hotel alarm clocks, most travel alarms, and my iPhone alarm aren’t loud enough. So I bought a Screaming Meanie (do a search) and have used it maybe six times.

Pro: Plenty loud

Con: Sort of awkward and unintuitive to use, e.g., to get wake up alarm at 6:00 you set it for 6:10. Even set to Medium, will probably wake up guests in adjacent rooms. Buttons, design, and looks are on the other end of the spectrum relative to any smart phone. Has some extra features I don’t want.

Overall: It works. The Pro outweighs the Cons.

My wife has superior hearing, so I bought an alarm clock with a vibrating device that sits under my pillow or under the mattress -->

I can’t hear standard alarms either. I have a clock radio. I set the alarm choice to radio, select a station that is just static, and turn the volume up. Not a pleasant wake-up call, but it works - I can hear it.

I do that at home, but sometimes set to station like NPR. But some hotels I stay at don’t have clock radios. Instead, they have high-tech alarm clocks that aren’t loud enough.

I have an Apple Watch and the vibration wakes me up

I use a Watchminder watch and the vibration wakes me up no problem. I think this is the best solution, especially if you share a bed.

The controls are not horribly intuitive but I just use the one mode so it’s pretty easy.

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When do you charge your watch?

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While I am showering, normally in the early afternoon after my hike.

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Hotels in the U.S are required to provide guests, upon request, an ADA kit which includes an alarm clock for the hard of hearing. Also a door knocker alert, among other devices.

Screaming Meanie? I hope that I never bunk next door to you!

Truckers and long distance motorcycle riders use these. I think vibrating watches or alarm clocks are much better. You don’t want to wake the whole hotel, now do you?

As for me, I sometimes just use the internal clock embedded in my brain.

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Our dog has one of those clocks at her dinner time.

I would think based on a persons hearing loss you could find an alarm clock with the correct frequency.
The vibrating watch sounds like a good idea.

I just stumbled across this. It has better reviews that the Screaming Mimi (not ‘meanie’). I have not tried it. I like that it has a shaker; the Mimi seems to be two high-pitch beepers?

They have alarm clocks that allow you to slide a disk under the mattress that then vibrates. I’m pretty much deaf so I doubt I would hear a screaming anything. But I haven’t missed an alarm in 30 years