Screaming Meanie Alarm questions.

Hello all, I am Zack, and I have very poor hearing, which has led me to purchase two of the Screaming Meanie alarm devices, but they have both begun to act strangely recently, bringing me here for answers…
I realize that these devices are not manufactured by anyone on this forum, but can someone explain to me why they have started to only sound off for a couple of seconds,and then turn off?? This is not enough to wake me up sometimes, and it completely defeats the purpose of the devices if they cannot wake me up from a deep sleep.
Can someone recommend an alternative alarm device for someone who is practically deaf, or explain to me how to get technical support for the Screaming Meanie devices please??
Thanks in advance!!

There’s a thread just above yours that might be worth reading. Also, Reliably linking cell phone to bed shaker. My suggestion in the earlier thread was a Xiaomi Mi Band fitness tracker, controlled through an app on a smartphone. Notifications or alarms can be set to make the Mi Band vibrate on your wrist That’s a cheap and portable solution.

I have got the vibrating watch from connevans. I can set up to 12 alarms so I set a few 10 minutes apart just in case but the first one wakes me up no problem. I have found it much better than using the bedside alarm as I don’t worry about power cuts or vibrating pad falling out.