Scratchy sound for OPN S1

Hi guys, I have purchased OPN S1 and generally happy with it. Am facing some issues:
1- Scratchy sound. I can notice that voices , specifically on the right aid, is some how scratchy. My Audi asked Oticon and they suggested to change the receiver to 100db and maybe the 85db is over amplifying low frequencies. We changed it and am in trial but I still notice the scratchy. I think this occurs on Words with “SH” or “CH” or “EN”?
2- since the updated firmware 8, I noticed the aids are quieter than before when I was on trial! As if it’s more directional (cannot say it’s fully directional).
3- Although we just downloaded the same configuration which I was happy before with, I can notice it’s different . Even we previously adjusted soft voices but now it’s different.
4- Also my voice have the same precipitation of scratchy in my left ear !

Any suggestions please . Thanks

opn1 are excellent hearing aids. I think you could think of a hardware problem. to be sure of reversing the devices, naturally from the collaboration of the hearing care professional who must recalibrate them both on opposite ears. if the problem moves to the other ear, it’s the hardware


Sounds like a bad hearing aid and not the fitting, As a person that wears OPN1 aids what you are describing is bad hardware.


Am starting to have the same feeling that there is a hardware problem. Today have some friends over at my house which I used to sit with and hear / understand 85-90% of discussion of everyone ( while using my previous OPN S1) but found that today it’s hard to follow and it seems the aids are so aggressive than usual ( although same setting I used before)!

I don’t have the OPN S, only the original OPN 1. I’ve experienced the scratchy sound myself, although I don’t really know what you describe as “scratchy” is the same as what I describe as “scratchy” or not. In my case, “scratchy” means that I can hear distortion at the end of many sounds, like the receiver is overdriven, even though it’s only as normal volume. It happened on my 85dB receiver, and replacing the offending receiver with a new one seemed to fix the issue. But since you said you already replaced the receiver with a higher power one and it still does it, I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same scratchiness or not.

Do you have Speech Rescue turned on? I’m guessing not. It may be something you may want to experiment with by turning it on in one of your 4 programs and set the destination configuration to the 2.4 configuration setting and turn off the High Frequency Band setting just to see if the scratching may be due to the over amplifying on the high end instead of the low end. If turning on Speech Rescue removes the scratching then at least it’s confirmed that it’s overamplification on the high end. If it doesn’t help, you can just ignore using that spare program until your next visit with your audi to have it removed.

As for updating the firmware 8 making things quieter, I’m wondering if somehow it puts you in the OpenSound Booster mode which is more aggressive Full Directional setting than normal. Check the ON app to see if it’s activated by accident or something.

It sounds like maybe your previously fine-tuned settings didn’t carry over to the hearing aids properly after the new firmware update. Also confirm that the fitting rationale settings are the same after the new firmware update, just in case.

If none of this helps, I agree that getting the hearing aids replaced with brand new ones would be the next step.

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What you mentioned is exactly what I describe scratchy. At the end of most words to hear “shsh”. Unfortunately I don’t have the Noah wireless or Genie2 to do the tests and have to go back to Audi.

BTW: I had the same perception during testing both OPN / OPN-S !

For the quietness, open sound booster is switched off already but I still feel it’s more directional and quite than my test unit !
On my last visit, I asked my Audi only to download the previous setting without any changes just to see how things will do . But still the same !
I have the MUSIC program which I found sounds more clear and 360 than general/default?

Also today, when am back from work suddenly my left HA started beeping 8 beeps from time to time !! This is the first time to happen while I already changed the wax filters yesterday. Could this also be a bad filter or confirmation of bad hardware?

The 8 beeps warning is for the microphone needing to be serviced, possibly due to over moisture conditions. It’s happened to me before and I had to turn in the hearing aids to get them replaced. It only beeped on 1 hearing aid but I had both replaced because if moisture gets to one already, chances are the other is not far away from beeping.

Because your hearing loss is quite bad in the lower frequencies, I wonder if the scratchiness is due to over driving the receivers in the lower end or not. Perhaps your audi can try a few things like lowering amplification on the low end a little bit to see if it goes away. I know it’s not ideal to do this long term. It’s only for debug purposes short term just to see where the issue comes from.

The built-in music program defeats almost all sound processing capabilities, so it will sound the most open compared to other programs. But it wouldn’t necessarily be the best program to stay in all the times because you lose the benefits from the sound processing. For example, I like to use the music program when I play tennis so I can hear the pop sound when I hit the ball without it being suppressed as a loud transient noise. But if I play next to a busy street with lots of cars going by, the music programs doesn’t filter out enough noise and it gets really noisy and distracting for me, so in that case, I’d rather use the default program for better noise control at the expense of not hearing the pop sound when the ball is hit.

If the OpenSound Booster is OFF already but you still feel like it’s more directional than before, then have your audi check the Directionality Settings in the OpenSound Navigator window and make sure it’s in Open Automatic and not in Full Directional. It’s really the only other thing I can think of to check for. I assume that you have the Noise Reduction in OpenSound Navigator turned on in both cases. If it wasn’t turned on in the test unit but is now turned on in the new unit, that may also explain why it may sound more quiet now. Another possibility if Noise Reduction is turned on for both cases, but maybe it wasn’t set to maximum in the test unit but is set for max values now. Although that shouldn’t make much difference in simple listening environments. You may only appreciate that difference more if you’re in complex listening enviroments. More quiet is not necessarily bad as long as you still understand speech clearly in all environments.

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I think I know why my aid had moister. I took a shower and placed both aids in the dryer but didn’t leave it in till it’s cycle finish. Had to took it out after only 15 min. Also during this day it sound so distorted.
Will ask my Audi next time for the test of low frequencies.
The “quietness” is more in the complex environments. Previously is such environments I could hear/understand my wife (soft low voice) but now I have to get close to her to get 80% of what she is saying. Noise reduction was “On” in both cases but I wonder what was the setting as now it is on “Medium”.
More quote is not bad at all unless my tinnitus is triggered , then it’s fan humming in head that I have to watch any video on youth to distract my mind.

After I figure these issues out on my next visit, I will start thinking to invest in Noahlink and start fine tuning myself.