Scratchy noise in hearing aid from contact with eyeglass temple

It is worst during meals. Even my wife, on the other side of the table, can hear the scratchy noise from my Resound Quattros when they move along the spectacle bars because of my chewing.

Have someone experienced this - and solved the problem?

I have considered putting on some soft rubbery tape called “self vulcanising tape”, but I am afraid I could clog a microphone hole since I’m unable to see where these are positioned.


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Maybe get two small rubber bands or neoprene O-rings to put on the temples of your glasses. Position them so they touch the body of the aids to dampen vibrations.

I would forget the vulcanizing tape … (pretty fast!)


Put a short bit of sticking plaster on the underneath of your spectacle arms.


Does it happen when you run your finger along the temple** of the eye glasses?

If so, I’ve had that along with a separate problem with my quattros, Sending them back for replacement fixed it. It was very loud when it was happening. Even just touching and running my finger on the body of the HA caused loud scratchy noise.

Link to description of parts of spectacles


Thanks. Good suggestions. I also have some very soft silicone tubes that may do the job.
Of course it is better to put something on the glasses instead of the HA!

The HAs makes a pretty loud noise if I touch them with my fingers. I use this to control that the wax filters are not clogged. Touching the glasses has no such effect.

I only get glasses with titanium frames and take the plastic ends off. They are more comfortable to me that way. The earpiece doesn’t turn green being titanium. I buy these from Zenni and other online glasses stores.

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