Scientists Say You Can Cancel the Noise but Keep Your Window Open

Sorta like noise-cancelling headphones for your whole apartment…

I can see that if you live in a city. But here we love the sound of nature

Uuuu this looks good idea! Maybe they could put big speakers around the window for the same effect or will invent something.

I live near train and fast street (extension of highway through the city). Can’t stand near open window even now at almost midnight, because it IS loud.

Plan is to run away to the countryside, but sadly, this prototype could come to the market faster than me in the house in the wood :joy:

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Blacky as I see your experience is huge.
I’m a mother of 13 - years old girl with profound hearing loss .
Since I live in BiH I don’t have enough informations from concreat users about all benefits that my daughter can have from her HA and other devices that you mentioned in your posts…so if I could contact you in some other way beside this forum I would be very greatfull to you.

I live in a rural community that the loudest noise is the blue jays and red birds. And if there is enough of a breeze then the big wind chimes in the tree in the front yard really sounds great.