Scheduled for VA hearing test

I have been scheduled for a VA hearing aid test in October. I currently have Oticon BTE OPN 1’s. I have ski slope hearing loss.

I moved from Widex to Oticon. I am 70 and no longer can afford the high expense of top of the line HA’s, which is the reason for going to the VA.

I have difficulty understanding speech in any kind of noisy environment. Also have a problem understanding speech in quiet places such as doctors offices.

My understanding is that the VA recently dropped Widex but still carries all the other top tier manufacturers.

Which VA hearing aids would be best suited for my type of loss?

Thank you

The VA only issues top of the line hearing aids from the hearing aid companies. I Have been getting my aids from the VA for 15 years now. And the last 10 years that it has been Oticon hearing aids. I love the sound that I get from my Oticon hearing aids, but I have to say it has taken a lot of time and effort to get them adjusted for my needs. I wish you the best of luck and don’t be surprised if the Audi you get steers you to the aids he/she knows how to fit the best. Now that doesn’t mean you have to accept them, it is your choice. What is best for you is something you and you alone can come to figure out. I have always trusted the Audis I have had and they have always done good by me.

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Work with your AuD. Ask questions do your research on the top the lines from different companies. You are not locked whatever you try first there at least a 90 day trial during which you can ask for something else. Make your next appointment during this appointment.

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The VA gives you 180 days to decide, at least I have always had that amount of time. And I have used 4 clinics in two states.

Definitely use the trial periods to test drive the hearing aids. If the hearing aids dont satisfy you, ask for a different brand. VA issues only top of the line hearing aids and accessories. I went to the VA with Oticon on my mind, and left with Signia Pure 312. They do a pretty good job in most situations. Streaming television is the most amazing thing ever! I still can’t hear worth a damn, but it is improved quite a bit with the hearing aids. I did discuss with my Audi my overall dissatisfaction with my hearing. She told me to get used to it, cuz noting is going to make things better. I really trust her, so am just going with the flow.
Best wishes!

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At least you have an in person appointment. I was told to wait for them to call, after having two appointments canceled. They are trying their best to provide the safest possible environment for their patients and themselves. I agree with everyone else. Try what they suggest, but don’t be afraid to return them and have them try again. The quality of clinics and audiologists do vary from place to place. You might have to change clinics, but do try the closest one first.

Thanks everyone for sharing your experience.

My hearing loss is similar to yours and I’m in the process of having my HAs replaced. I’m coming up on 4 years with these Resound Linx 2’s. My Audi called last week. She’s ordering me Resound Quatro’s. They’ll be sent to her and she’ll program the for my last test, then forward them to me. We can do some remote adjusting over the phone and hopefully that will hold until they start seeing patients again.

The good news is that I’ll still have these aids, which still work pretty well, for backup,

My first aids with the VA were in 92. In the ear and analog which were not very good. After a long time away from the VA I went back again after a
hiatus and a recent trial of OPN 1 with a private Audi. I didn’t care for them and told that to the VA Audi. He tested and scheduled me for fitting when they arrived. The VA Audi ordered OPN 1 so now I am stuck with them for a couple of years. He never explained I could trial them, that they had accessories for BT fo TV and phone. I won’t see the same Audi if I go back to the VA next time.
VA care can be hit or miss.

How long have you had them?

I’ve had the OPN 1 for a year now. I like them better than when I first got them when I learned more about them on my own. I use the phone app to make volume adjustments and I bought the TV Bluetooth adaptor and the Connect Clip when I read about them. TV adaptor works great. I rarely use the Connect Clip. None of the accessories were offered or explained by the VA audi.

The VA will supply accessories such as the Connect Clip, Land Line Phone adapter and TV adapter as well as batteries domes and wax guards at no cost to the veteran; unfortunately, some of the VA audiologists assume that their patients already know all of this, when in fact the patients are not aware of the VA benefits.

The bottom line with the VA is - if you need or want something, ask for it; the worst that can happen is that they say no.

The VA is kinda funny like that. They will provide anything needed, and even some bells and whistles that were not asked for. They assume you know everything that you need to know. They issued a dryer, tv streamer, told me to use the app. But, They never offered any patient education. I guess they assumed that I knew everything. I finally made an appt with the hearing tech at VA Tyler. He took the time to show me how to use the app, how to connect the TV streamer.(I did not know how important this would be to me). He taught me how to use the personal mic to stream my phone calls to the hearing aid (Android phone does not connect automatically).
In short, I think the VA should not assume their patients are totally educated on the hardware they issue. They are sometimes even a bit evasive about how serious the hearing loss is that you have. Fortunately, I have received one helluva education on this forum.

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Did you ask or just shake your head and got out fast? Anyone going aids from the VA or anyone else should do a little self education and ask questions if you didn’t understand ask again!

That is why I am here now…Been looking in several places, including here to try to educate myself on my hearing. Until recently, I didn’t really know my hearing loss was significant. I have just been going along with the flow at VA. I was trusting them to do the right thing, without knowing myself what the right thing was. I intend to know what the right thing is before my next visit. This group is one part of my education.