Say what? Say what again, I didn't understand you!


Well, thanks to good Italian genes I’m 63 and look GREAT! unfortunately some things are wearing out (no, not that. Refer to the Italian part) My progressive glasses will be here in a day or two. And my Costco hearing test indicates I’ve lost about another 15% since 2009 (see below for current say what test results) My friends are tired of repeating themselves, and if I meet one more soft talker that feels they only need to hear themselves, I’m going to take the gloves of and scream speak up! :slight_smile:

I have spent many days going over info here to make a decision on what to get and the costco audi recommended the Brio2. Seems to have good reviews here.

I had an aid back in 2009. but it was in the shop more than in my ear and would fade and die in the same day of a new battery. My skepticism comes from the freely used words in these forums and elsewhere of “new(est) technology”. That’s what they told me in 2009, and I wasted my money.

So, any input on the Brio2? some guidance on what to read? Should I trust the input of the audi, or get a second opinion? Does anyone know that Lassie created many of the disasters in order to boost Nielson ratings?

My friends seem to have a problem, they wont speak up and feel I should do something about it. :wink:


Thanks Neville.

It’s interesting (to me) that you say “with that level of loss” Do my numbers indicate I have concerning lose? Nobody ever figured out what the problem was with the old one, just didn’t last the day and it was not a battery problem.

The previous aids were always cared for, that is partly why the failure of the mechanics, and getting any appreciable hearing correction was such a frustrating problem. I just accepted it wasn’t for me. Now my hearing problem is causing problems with work, and I have to do something.

The first aids were in the ear. obviously the Brio2 is BTE. Are you suggesting that a large amount of sweat behind the ear (and no, I don’t) is a problem?

If I get some more input that the Brio2 would be a good place to start (for me), I’ll go for it.

Thanks for the input, I didn’t know my numbers were that bad. I wonder if I should get another test from an independent even if I have to pay for it as a “second opinion”.