Savias and using the phone - help!

Hi - my first post on this forum.
Up until a couple of months ago I was using GNResound Canta aids, which weren’t that good for general hearing, but WERE pretty good when using the phone. I wear two aids.
Then I got some new Savias, which are great generally, but hopeless on the phone. I MEAN COMPLETELY USELESS ON THE PHONE.
I have to use the phone a lot at work, and this is getting very stressful.
I have around 75% loss at upper frequencies and 25% loss at lower frequencies).
I’ve been in touch with Phonak, and they say they can’t help - it’s all down to the hear aid adviser. I’ve seen the hearing aid adviser three times, and I’ve watched as he’s programmed the aid for phone and fuzziness etc, but it makes absolutely no difference.
It’s not volume that’s the problem but fuzziness, and the clipping of the end of words.
I’m now in the situation of swapping to the old Canta aid everytime I take a phone call - about fifteen times a working day …and my ears getting sore.
I’m having to look at headphones etc also.
Has anyone any ideas on what to do about this please?
Additional info - I don’t use the Savias auto phone program, but manually switch it to the T setting. The phone system is a new digital Samsung with a DS-5007S handset. I’m in the UK.

I also had problems trying to use the phone and found the sound very weak until I changed over from open ear fitting to custom molds. The difference is I now get more gain. I have a similar audiogram to you (I think).

Even then, I still find at times that finding the sweet spot between the phone speaker and the HA microphone is a challenge. Some phones I can increase the volume, which solves most problems. I am using Oticon Tego Pro BTE’s. My audi said the T coil system on some phones and HA’s is not very strong. I have heard good things about the new Blue Tooth system.

The problem isn’t volume …if anything there may be too much volume.
It’s total lack of clarity - muffled fuzzy sound with the ends of words breaking up.

First of all, welcome to our new forum!

The Savias are great hearing aids. Yet, I have to admit that the telephone program can sometimes be a problem.

I assume that the Telephone mode is using the telecoil program (must be in an ITC, ITE or BTE product). If you are still having problems, it is often because certain phones work better with certain telecoils. If the telecoil does not pick up well, I would suggest you have your audi switch from telecoil only to M/T, which incorporates the microphone.

The Phonaks are pretty much the only ones where the audi can adjust the ratio between telecoil pickup and microphone, thus helping you hear better yet minimizing the chance of feedback.

To ensure this is possible, please post which size of Savia you have.