Savia vs Naida vs Exelia

I have a profound loss in both ears. Beginning mid-January of this year, I started a trial of the Savia dsz forte (sp?). Used them for a month, but my aud wanted me to try the Naidas. Used those for 3 weeks in March. Could not stand them - too loud, sharp noises over amplified, too much distortion of sounds. Went back to Savias for 3 weeks. I am trying the Exelia SPs now.

The Exelias seem better than the Naidas, although it seems the Savias were better than either. It seems the Exelias do not handle background noise as well, certain sounds are distorted (like computer beeps or cell phone rings) and speech seems harder to understand.

My word discrimination hovers around 0. Being able to understand speech is top priority. Birds and such would be nice, but that is secondary.

Obvious go back to the Savias, right? The thing is the Savias are 2005 technology while the Exelias are brand new and offer some accessories that may be very helpful to me. The Naidas and Exelias seem to be from the same “stock” and share some of the same problems.

I would like to stay with the Exelias if possible. I have seen other posts that mention similar initial problems that the aud was able to cure. Can anyone give some insights into what may cause the Exelia’s reduced performance or what may be tried to make them better?


I am still using my Naidas from day one.

Have still got some bugs to get worked out, but I am overall quite pleased.

I speech discrim was awful as well.

Good luck whatever you decide, but I can almost assure you (from my specific experience) that one cannot determine right or wrong on the Naida in a few weeks - I have had each change for a minimum of 3 weeks at a time.

For me that seems to be what works best.