Savia colors

I know this is a long shot…but is anyone familiar with the Phonak Micro Savia Art colors? I am interested in the Chestnut color (#50). I saw it in a couple of places on the Phonak website, but it looked different in each one.

My question: In real life, is the color more coppery with a pearl/metallic sheen (pretty), or is it an orangey brick color with no sheen (ugly)?

Sure appreciate your help as I have no samples to look at. I’m going to be wearing this thing for a long time and it means a lot to me to have it be something I enjoy putting on each day. I know you guys probably don’t care, but you women know what I mean :wink:

My audie had dummy aids with the color samples (at least for the GN Resound aids) to look at, and decide what color you wanted. You’re spending a lot, and need to know what you’re getting. Have you asked your audie about that? But the one I saw on the website I found looked like a flat orangey color.

Good luck, and keep us updated!

ask your audi to show U a dummy