Samsung Galaxy S7 & OPN

Although inclined to Android, I’ve just bought iPhone 6s exclusively for purpose of using it with my OPN aids. Now I am in position to possibly swap it for Samsung 7, and would happily do it, since I do not care about streaming. Is wireless streaming the only difference between iOs and Android when it comes to hearing aids? Streaming aside, can i still use Samsung 7 ( hence, Android) to control aids via ON application?

Yes, there’s an Android version of the Oticon ON app to give users control of program and volume changes. You can still stream to your Samsung 7. You just can’t have direct streaming like with the iPhone. You’d have to buy a Connect Clip intermediary streamer if you want to stream from your S7 to the Connect Clip and from the Connect Clip to the OPN. But if you don’t care about streaming then you don’t need to buy the Connect Clip.

Thanks for clarification Currently I have samsung galaxy 4, but it won’t connect to OPNs. I know about connect clip, but it’s more expensive than mobile itself :-).

Haha, yes, no kidding about the Connect Clip being more expensive than some cell phones.

Did you try to install the Oitcon ON app on your S4? I used to have a Samsung Note 4 and I was able to install the Oticon ON app (the Android version) just fie on it. So I would think it should work for the S4 as well.

No, it doesn’t work. It says “your device is not compatible with this version”.

That’s interesting. I would think that the S4 would have the same Android version like the Note 4 since they’re the same generation after all. I assume that you already updated the S4 to the latest Android version it can support?

Haven’t checked version… :-). It says “device”, not OS. Just checked, and it says that system IS “up to date”. BTW, I have Android 5.01. It’s possible to upgrade it to Marshmallow, but it means flashng the ROM on the mobile, which I am not eager to do,

Yeah, I wouldn’t want to flash the ROM myself either.

I just looked and it says that you need Android 6.0 (MarshMallow) in order to use the Oticon ON app. But it cautions that not all Android 6.0 devices are guaranteed to be compatible with the Android ON app.

I was wrong, when the S4 was introduced, I got a Note 2. When I got the Note 4, I think Samsung already came out with the S6. So the S4 was not the same generation with the Note 4 like I thought.

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So, complete agreement