Samsung Galaxy S3/Can't hear my voice?

Hi all, Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone (Sam’s Club Black Friday deal for .99 cents). I demoed the phone at a Verizon store and was sad to learn I can’t hear my voice on phone calls. I turn off my CI and listen to phone in T-coil mode on my Unitron Latitude. Any thoughts on why this may occur? Any known workarounds?


Maybe coz your t coil setting is t coil only not t coil and microphone?!

Thanks for the response. Will I hear other external / background sounds in t-coil+mic? That would be problematic. Phone usage is my toughest challenge and I need to focus intently to communicate.

The way you phrase your question makes it sound like you’re used to hearing your own voice when engaging in phone calls. What are you doing differently with the Samsung VS your regular phone? And (assuming the difference is switching to the telecoil setting) why are you doing that with the Samsung and not doing it with your current phone?

Since a telecoil doesn’t actually pick up sounds (it picks up changes in magnetic field near the hearing aid) a telecoil is able to “hear” a telephone speaker, but cannot “hear” most other sounds in the room (such as your own voice).

As others have mentioned, you need something that will pick up sounds in the room (such as a telecoil + microphone mode). If you go that route, some manufacturers allow you to control how much gain is applied to each signal, which might allow you to find a balance where there’s enough input from the mics for you to hear your own voice, but not enough for other environmental sounds to overwhelm the input from the telecoil.

I would help if you posted your "numbers".   You can see by mine - they aren't good.  OTH - I never had trouble using a phone w. or w.o. HA.   Because I am on the phone, a lot, I have used a BlueTooth headset for years before I got my HA 2 years ago.  I can still use my BT (which I still wear for hours a day) w. my HA w. no problems - or use any phone.    
I know HA now come w. a BT add-on if you want.  They seem to be quite cumbersome and wouldn't have all the features a normal BT headset has.    
 Maybe I am an exception - but I have never seen anyone here even mention this as a possible alternative to T-coils and other cumbersome work-arounds.

Make sure you go into the settings on the Samsung, I have the same phone and there were 2 settings, one was disabled and it doesn’t work unless you enable the setting… however I didn’t have your issue… my issue was hearing at all.

Would you please name the TWO Settings, I just got an Gal S3 and have not been able to get it to communict with my HA. Tanks. Merry Christmas,